World Foods

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Special Food Experiences

  • Everything You Need to Know Before You Eat at Blue Heaven in Key West - You have to eat at Blue Heaven in Key West!
  • How to Dine at the Exclusive Latitudes Restaurant in Key West - Here's how to have an epic meal at Latitudes Restaurant.
  • Exotic Foods of the World - I have been really excited to write this post, but for a while I wasn't sure what to call it. "The Strangest Food?" "The Weirdest Food?"
  • The World’s Best Desserts - It's the best part: dessert! It's my favorite food group, closely related to coffee in my book. So this What I Ate Wednesday is for all the dessert lovers and every sweet tooth we have. Today's post is all about the best desserts in all the world!
  • The Best Food in the World - Food keeps us from getting "hangry" on travels, even when jet lagged. And it makes us feel good! So here you have it: the best foods I ever ate in the world, in no particular order. What looks good to you?
  • What We Ate in Quarantine - Between take-out, curbside pick-up, and contactless delivery, I'd say the American people have been eating well in quarantine! It's not easy to find things to be excited about when plans have been getting cancelled, trips delayed, holidays all but cancelled, etc., etc., etc. We're doing it, though!
  • Afternoon Tea at the Willard Hotel, D.C. - It's no secret, I love afternoon tea! It's such a fun foodie experience, and I've been fortunate enough to enjoy afternoon tea in many of my travels. This time around, I met up with my friend Andrea for a very fancy tea at the historic and iconic Willard Intercontinental in D.C., and we highly recommend it to you!
  • Tea at the Trump Hotel, Washington, D.C. - I wanted to treat myself to something special, and there is nothing more special than afternoon tea in a gorgeous setting, so when I realized my hotel offered afternoon tea, I booked a spot. It's an experience I hope to repeat, but for now, here's your sneak peek.
  • Dining at Rick’s Cafe, Casablanca - Spolier alert: the first Rick's Cafe was made up for the movie! The actual restaurant where you can have a meal and listen to some piano playing in Casablanca opened in 2004 and was inspired by everyone's favorite Bogart and Bergman film, Casablanca.
  • Dining at the Olympic Restaurant - That spread to the White Star Line and beyond, so it came as no surprise when he mentioned wanting to visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast and have dinner at the White Swan Inn's Olympic Restaurant, whose interior was recovered from Titanic's sister ship, the R.M.S. Olympic!
  • Afternoon Tea at the Titanic Hotel, Belfast - It wouldn't be a trip to the United Kingdom without a proper afternoon tea! It was my "little" brother's first trip to the UK, and while the trip was 100% for his 30th birthday gift, we would be remiss if we didn't experience tea at the Titanic Hotel while we stayed there. So here it is, complete with photos and descriptions!
  • Beginner’s Guide to Tea in London - Y'all, these are #teatimegoals! I was so excited when Steve suggested we get a reservation for tea at the Savoy before a show at the theater! Talk about an epic date night. I was a little nervous about it, though, because I have no fashion sense, and London is a very fashionable place!
  • How to Enjoy Dining Solo - There are actually a lot of benefits to dining solo, and if you're still not convinced, I've got some suggestions to help you enjoy a solo meal instead of dread it!
  • What to Eat: Heidelberg’s Christmas Market - This one's pretty special--it's all about Christmas foods! I recently was in Heidelberg to enjoy the Christmas Markets and explore this cute, historic town, and to get a little more material for my Germany page! Here's the scoop on what I ate at the Heidelberg Christmas Market!
  • The Most Iconic Eats Around the World - When one thinks of England, they think of Big Ben... and fish 'n chips. When one thinks of Hawaii, they think of hula girls... and pigs roasted in the ground! Come along with me on a culinary adventure of the most iconic foods I've ever eaten--so far!
  • Food Trucks at the Silos - Chip, Joanna, and their team have really made Waco a destination, particularly with their Silos property--breakfast at the bakery, shopping during the day, lunch at the food trucks, games on the lawn, and even concerts and movies some nights! So what are the food trucks like at the Silos? Take a look!
  • Magnolia Silos Baking Company - This week I'm whisking you off to what may currently be the country's most famous bakery: The Silos Baking Co. in Waco, Texas! Here's the scoop on the goodies, the decor, and the experience!
  • Hawaiian Luau: Everything You Need to Know - Aloha! This What I Ate Wednesday is all about the beautiful, tasty, traditional luau food. My sweet husband and I have been to Hawaii three times now, but this was our first luau experience. And we're bringing you along with us!
  • Daiki: The Japanese Meal of a Lifetime - Originally published on 23 July 2006. This post is part of a series of "e-mails to home" from my summer living and working abroad in Japan! And this is a very special post in the series because it's What I Ate Wednesday!

Airline Food

  • Best Snacks to Pack for the Flight - I've come up with the ultimate list of the best foods to take with you in-flight. These foods can pass through TSA without issue, will save you money over airport food, and won't offend your fellow travelers.
  • What to Eat in Lufthansa Business IAD-FRA - My husband Steve and I recently got to experience Lufthansa's Business Class from IAD to FRA and back again. Stay tuned for a full review of their Business Class, but for now, here are some foodie pics to whet your whistle!
  • What to Eat in Polaris: Houston to Sydney and Back Again - one of the best benefits of these upgrades is the food. It's true. United does have remarkable airline food in Business Class. This is your sneak peek at some of the meal options from Houston to Sydney and back again!
  • What to Eat: Qatar Airways Business Class - This What I Ate Wednesday is coming at you from the skies! My experience on Qatar Airways was definitely one to remember, and one reason why is the food.
  • What to Eat on the Plane: Avianca Business Class - If you read yesterday's post, you got the low-down on our unexpected journey (in Business Class!) on Avianca Airlines to get home from Chile. Today, I'm giving you the details on the food! It's What I Ate Wednesday after all!


  • What to Eat in Morocco - What's there to eat in Morocco? Well, get back on the gluten-filled, carbo-loaded bandwagon again because bread in all forms is on the menu! But so are fresh-squeezed juices, lamb, mint tea, tajine of every sort, and my favorite: pastella! Take a look at the best of what we ate on our two-week expedition in Morocco!
  • What to Eat in the Moroccan Sahara - We stayed with Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp, and they served us some of the best food we ate in all of Morocco! Take a look and tell me what you'd want to eat!


  • What to Eat in Japan - If you've been following my series of "e-mails to home" from my summer living and working in Japan, you'll definitely want to read this one! It's a very special What I Ate Wednesday!
  • What to Eat in Singapore - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're eating our way through a whirl-wind trip to incredible Singapore! My sweet husband and I like to visit Singapore because we get tons of frequent flier miles, and we love Asian food. So without further adieu, here's what we ate in Singapore!
  • What to Eat in Osaka - It's What I Ate Wednesday, and today I have a very special edition as part of my Japan series: What I Ate in Osaka!
  • What to Eat in Cambodia - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're remembering Cambodian cuisine!
  • What to Eat in Bangkok - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week I'm remembering what we ate on our recent trip to Thailand! I'm a sucker for all foods Asian, but Thai is a top favorite. This was my first time having it in Thailand, so I was eager to enjoy it all!
  • What to Eat on Bali - It's What I Ate Wednesday! Today we're talking all about the exotic foods of Bali!


  • What to Eat in Zurich - Switzerland's financial capital is a mix of everything: history, architecture, nature, big city, small town, and more, and all of that comes through in their food options. Check out what we ate on our recent trip!
  • What to Eat in Salzburg - My favorite thing about Europe is... the food! Are you surprised? Me neither. The bread tastes amazing, the cheese is incredible, the chocolate is indulgent, and I just can't get enough of all of it!
  • What to Eat in the UK - This past year I checked all the countries of the United Kingdom off my "must do list," and it's safe to say I ate my way through them all! British food gets lumped together into one genre, but upon closer investigation, one starts to realize that each of the UK countries has their own distinct food.
  • What to Eat in Scotland - If you didn't already know, I took a "wee" trip to Belfast with my "wee" brother recently, and what's one of the best things we did? We ate! There was loads of walking to do, so we worked up quite an appetite in just the two days we were there.
  • What to Eat in Belfast - If you didn't already know, I took a "wee" trip to Belfast with my "wee" brother recently, and what's one of the best things we did? We ate! There was loads of walking to do, so we worked up quite an appetite in just the two days we were there.
  • What to Eat in Cardiff, Wales - “Oh, you won’t find Welsh food here!” That’s a sentiment I heard from nearly every local person I asked! But never fear—I found some! Here's the short list of where you can find Welsh (and traditional British!) food in Cardiff. Check it out and don’t let anyone tell you there’s no Welsh here!
  • What to Eat in Verona - Steve and I went on a romantic trip to Verona, Italy, for Valentine's weekend. It's been made famous by Shakespeare, of course, but it also has some unique foods to offer. I think basically everyone in the world can appreciate Italian cuisine, so I hope these pictures will do it justice!
  • What to Eat in Amsterdam - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week it's all about the fantastic Dutch food. Check out what we ate and get ready to crave some of your own!
  • What to Eat in Liechtenstein - I really enjoy finding authentic food wherever I go, but sometimes either timing or jet lag can get in the way of making a regular meal happen. Unfortunately, that happened to us in Liechtenstein!
  • What to Eat in Switzerland - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week it's all about the incredible cheeses, chocolates, breads, and more incredible foods Switzerland has to offer!
  • What to Eat in Heidelberg - It's everyone's favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're specializing in pretzels and bratwurst from Heidelberg, Germany! Get ready to get hungry, my friends.
  • What to Eat in Venice - On our recent trip to Venice, Italy, what can I say? We had to eat! This was my first trip to Italy, so I was thrilled and excited for the opportunity to enjoy Italian pastas, gelato, coffee, and more.
  • What to Eat in Iceland - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week it's all about the amazing food in the Land of Fire and Ice--Iceland! From hot soup to hot dogs, Iceland has quite the variety of foods to fuel you through hikes and windy, chilly days!
  • What to Eat in Bratislava - It's everyone's favorite--What I Ate Wednesday! This week I'm remembering all the amazing Eastern European foods I got to try on a solo trip to Bratislava, Slovakia!
  • What to Eat in Ireland - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week's entry is coming at you from the Emerald Isle: Ireland!
  • What to Eat in Scandinavia - This week we're eating our way through Scandinavia. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are the official Scandinavian countries, but sometimes the Nordic countries of Iceland and Finland are lumped in as well.
  • What to Eat in Poland - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week we are eating our way through Poland, specifically Warsaw and Krakow!
  • What to Eat in Vienna - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're eating our way through the home of the Weiner schnitzel--Vienna, Austria! Before you get too hungry, let's get going!
  • What to Eat in London - British food in general has had a reputation for being a bit bland, but in recent years, British pubs have been popping up all over the place in the States! PBS's Downton Abbey has brought up a resurgence of tea time and grand parties as well. Here's a look at our quick weekend getaway menu from jolly old London!
  • What to Eat in the Baltics - Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Today we're remembering the delightful Baltic cuisine from our recent trip to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. What do they eat there? Find out below!

Middle East

  • What to Eat in Qatar: Snacks and Sweets - If you've been following along with me on my world-wide adventures, you might notice a pattern... My strongest tooth is my sweet tooth! My trip to Qatar was tons of fun and absolutely flavorful. There wasn't much room for dessert after such large meals (check out my Qatar Page for all the posts about what I ate there!), but don't worry, I found plenty of sweets to keep me satisfied between meals!
  • What to Eat in Qatar: Supper - Hungry? Visit Qatar at suppertime! Everything I ate in Qatar was flavorful and filling, and a meal with my Qatari family and friends was just the way I wanted to end each day. Whether we were eating on the floor or at an elaborate party, we were eating well!
  • What to Eat in Qatar: Lunch - I had the best food in Doha at the Assaf home. My friend Sharifa's mom makes the most flavorful, freshest, most delicious food, and I got to watch her make parts of it, too! So here it is, this is what I ate for lunch in Qatar.
  • What to Eat in Qatar: Breakfast - Okay, so I ate a LOT of incredible food in Qatar! So much, in fact, that I decided to break down my usual "What I Ate" blog post into five: Beverages, Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, and Snacks and Sweets! There were just too many pictures and descriptions to fit into one blog post, so here it is, What I Ate in Qatar: Breakfast!
  • What to Drink in Qatar - I ate and drank so many new things on my trip to Qatar, I decided to do a post all about just the beverages! And stay tuned; I'll be blogging all about breakfast, lunch, and supper in the coming weeks! For now, let's get started!
  • What to Eat in Turkey - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're remembering our unforgettable two-week excursion to Turkey! And here's what we ate along the way.

North America

  • The Best Places to Eat in Carthage, TN - I can't wait to see what's to eat in the coming months and years while Carthage comes into a new age.
  • The Best Places to Eat in Marathon - I hope you brought your appetite! 
  • The Best Places to Eat on Islamorada - From breakfast delivered to our door to “cupcake sushi,” we enjoyed every bite!
  • The Best Places to Eat Key Largo - Here are the best places we ate on our recent trip to Key Largo!
  • The Best Places to Eat in Franklin, TN - Here are the best places where we ate in Franklin!
  • The Best Food to Eat in Miami Beach - Here's a run-down of what we're still having food dreams about!
  • The Best Food to Eat in Key West - Check out what we ate--I hope you brought an appetite!
  • The Best Key Lime Pie in Key West - It's a truly iconic thing for any and everyone to eat in Florida!
  • Where to Eat on Coronado Island - What I Ate Wednesday is back!
  • Where to Eat in Alexandria, VA - Having lived in the heart of Old Town for four years, I can assure you, I've come up with the ultimate list of the best of the best restaurants in town! These are my tried-and-true favorites, the ones I go back to again and again even now that I live an hour away! Get ready. You're gonna get hungry.
  • Where to Eat in Foggy Bottom - You might find yourself in Foggy Bottom without even realizing it. Maybe you drifted in from downtown, perhaps you meandered up from the National Mall. Maybe you walked down from Georgetown on the Rock Creek Park walking trail. Maybe you're looking for a quick bite before a Kennedy Center show! No matter how you find yourself here, you'll definitely want to eat!
  • Where to Eat in Plano, Texas - I'm about to wow you... there's more to food in Texas than Tex-Mex! On my recent trip to visit my friend Jill in Plano, just north of Dallas, we made sure to get the best of what Plano has to offer. So here are our recomendations, from biscuits to sushi to---you guessed it---Mexican!
  • What to Eat in Penn Quarter, D.C. - D.C.'s neighborhood pride is real! Each neighborhood has its cool places to go, cool things to do, and cool food. Here are some of my favorites from Penn Quarter, which is the area around Pennsylvania Avenue, the National Archives, and adjacent to Chinatown. Take a look and bring your appetite!
  • What to Eat in Downtown D.C. - There's a great selection, and even a few iconic restaurants Downtown. Take a look and pack your appetite!
  • Where to Eat in Memphis - Memphis has definitely undergone a revival since my parents lived there as newlyweds, and on our recent family trip back to the city where my dad went to optometry school forty years ago, we ate at some old favorites and tried out some newcomers. Here's the best of what and where we ate in Memphis!
  • Where to Eat in Lebanon, TN - First up: Lebanon, Tennessee, where I spent about half my childhood and teenage years. This is where my family and I went to church, where most of my childhood friends lived, and where I still return every time I go home!
  • Legendary Restaurants in D.C. - I have to urge you to put D.C. on your list of foodie bucket list destinations! D.C. restaurants have to be excellent to last around here, so when you find one with longevity, you know it's for good reason.
  • What to Eat in Georgetown, D.C. - Of all the neighborhoods in D.C., my personal opinion is that Georgetown has the best food! Businesses that thrive here have to be creative and original---no exceptions. So next time you're in D.C., put in a little effort to walk or Uber into Georgetown (the closest Metro is a mile in either direction!). You won't be disappointed.
  • What and Where to Eat in Nashville - My beloved Nashville has become THE destination! Now it's the professional sports destination, the party destination, and the weekend destination! It's always been the music destination, and people have finally discovered that it's also always been the Southern foodie destination!
  • What to Eat in Annapolis - There are some locations around the world that are truly "foodie" destinations. They have a specialty, an iconic dish, or a food that the locals take pride in. Like, a LOT of pride! And in coastal Maryland, that food is crab---mostly in cake form! But don't worry, we ate some other stuff, too. Here's what Steve, my dad, and I all ate on our recent weekend excursion to Annapolis, Maryland!
  • What to Eat in Savannah - As I write this post, I'm sitting at the Savannah airport waiting out a 5-hour delay, and I'm stuffed! I'm totally, completely, up-to-my-eyeballs stuffed with good, sweet, rich, beautiful Southern food! Savannah now holds the top spot in my travels as the most surprising foodie city. Can you believe it? Here's proof!
  • What to Eat in Cheyenne, WY - Who’s hungry?! If you are, then Cheyenne is the place to go. With tons of locally-owned restaurants and friendly people, you won’t leave hungry and you won’t leave angry! Here’s a peek at what I ate when I went up to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to visit my friends Amanda and Brock!
  • What to Eat in Smithfield, VA - It's known for its ham, but the whole region is also known for peanuts. Plus it's the South, so you know there will be fried everything and sweet treats to keep you cool on those hot summer days. Get ready, because we're about to find just what you need to eat in Smithfield, Virginia!
  • What to Eat in Charleston - What's the best reason to go South? Warmer weather? Friendly people? Food? All of those are good reasons, but only one touches every sense (hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste), and that's the food!
  • What to Eat in the USA - It's an exceptionally special What I Ate Wednesday, everyone! American Thanksgiving is next Thursday, so this week, I'm giving you all the best food from my home country: the United States of America! It's more than burgers and milkshakes, my friends. I hope you brought an appetite.
  • What to Eat in Stowe - Are you ready to eat your way through the Green Mountain State? Me, too! Here are the dining highlights---schnitzel included!
  • What to Eat in Boston - Will travel for food! Boston has some pretty iconic eats, so on my recent getaway to "Beantown," I had to try and eat them all! Well, except the baked beans. I have to save something for next time!
  • What to Eat at the Outer Banks - It seems like most people who prefer vacation rentals also prefer to cook their own food instead of spending the money to go out to eat for every meal. That is also what we did, but we found a few local gems, too. Keep reading for all the gooey details!
  • What to Eat on Block Island - It's everyone's favorite... What I Ate Wednesday! If you've been following along on the blog and @quickwhittravel on Instagram or Facebook, you know I just got back from adorable Block Island, Rhode Island. And you know I had to eat!
  • What to Eat on Nantucket - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week, we're eating our way through beautiful Nantucket. Come along, my faithful readers! Let's begin with the most important part of the day.
  • What to Eat in Austin - It's everyone's favorite day of the week: What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're eating our way through Austin, Texas!
  • What to Eat in Waco - It's What I Ate Wednesday, friends! You've read about the Silos Baking Co. and the Food Trucks at the Silos, but what about food in the rest of Waco? Find out here!
  • What to Eat in the Bahamas - It's What I Ate Wednesday! I've started a series of Throwback Thursdays all about my graduation trip to the Bahamas with my friend Terri, so this What I Ate Wednesday is all about that tropical goodness!
  • What to Eat in Huntsville - It's What I Ate Wednesday and this week we're eating our way through the South! You know you're in North Alabama when trout and grits with fried green tomatoes is on the menu! So what was the first thing I ate when I arrived?
  • What to Eat in Cancún - I might shock some of you this week: I do not like Mexican food in America. However, that's not the case in my experiences in Mexico! Crazy, right? Come along with me for an authentic and colorful Mexican food extravaganza!
  • What to Eat in Montreal - Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Come along with me for some hardy eats in snowy Montreal, Canada!
  • What to Eat in Canada - It's that time of the week again, and this week we're eating our way through Canada--specifically Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (PEI)! Get the melted butter ready--there's loads of lobster to explore!
  • What to Eat at Disneyland - There are plenty of iconic Disney and Disney Holiday foods to enjoy at Disneyland when we were there in November, but to be honest, we didn't have time to sit and take it all in with just 30 hours there!
  • What to Eat in New Orleans - It's What I Ate Wednesday! Last year I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans for the first time! Here's the shake down of what I could eat in a weekend.
  • What to Eat in San Francisco - It's everyone's favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're eating our way up and down the hills of San Francisco, California!


  • The Best Places to Eat on Each Hawaiian Island - Each Hawaiian island is absolute paradise, but at the same time, each one is unique to itself. It's no secret that Steve and I have loved our anniversary trips to Hawaii over the years, and we've eaten some delicious things along the way! Here's your ultimate guide to where to eat on each Hawaiian Island!
  • What to Eat at Uluru - What I did find was kangaroo, emu, wattleseed, and lots of bush tomatoes! So here's your sneak peek at what we really ate in the Australian Outback at Ayers Rock Resort!
  • The Best Food to Eat in Waikiki - I like to eat all over the world. Sushi in Japan. Pierogis in Poland. Pad Thai in Thailand. Afternoon tea in England. I'll pretty much try anything. But in all my travels (including five trips to Hawaii!), there were still two food firsts for me this trip! Read on to find out what!
  • The Best Foods You Must Try in the Hawaiian Islands - Food is part of every culture---we all have to eat! Hawaii has its very own incredible foods to enjoy, unlike what you can get on the Mainland. Here are some of the best foods to try on your next trip to Hawaii!
  • The Best Places to Eat on Molokai, Hawaii - Much to our delight and a little to our amazement, everything we ate on Molokai was fabulous! I mean, there aren't that many options, and you're kind of a captive audience, so you'd have to eat at the restaurants around whether they were good or bad. But the restauranteurs on Molokai take great pride in their food, and it shows!
  • What to Eat on New Zealand’s North Island - It's been a while since I did a food post, so it's high time! We recently got home from a whirl-wind trip to the Coromandel Peninsula on New Zealand's North Island, and wouldn't you know: we had to eat. Here's the run-down of all the delicious things we ate and what we recommend to you on your next trip to the North Island!
  • What to Eat in Sydney - Are you ready to dine Down Under? Here's a sneak peek at what we ate on our recent trip to one of our favorite cities in the world: Sydney, Australia!
  • What to Eat on New Zealand’s South Island - What does a Kiwi eat? We found out on our recent trip to New Zealand's epically beautiful South Island! Between the lamb, the lattes, and the Pavlova, I'm here to show you only the best!
  • The Best Food Eat on Maui - It's What I Ate Wednesday! And this week's food post all about the tropical flavors from the island of Maui, Hawaii. We did a little of everything from grocery shopping to roadside stands to fine dining. There are options for everyone!
  • Everything You Need to Know Before You Eat at Mama’s Fish House - Steve and I rounded out our trip to Maui with a meal at the highly-recommended Mama's Fish House on Maui.
  • The Best Food to Eat on Hawaii’s Big Island - It's everyone's favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! Last week we talked about the luau on the Big Island, and this week I'm letting you in on the rest of the Hawaiian goodness! If there’s one thing Hawaiians know how to do, it’s eat well!
  • The Best Food to Eat on Kauai - Do you love island life? Island food? Islands in general? Me, too! This What I Ate Wednesday, we're reliving our delightful feast from Hawaii's Garden Island, Kauai!
  • The Best Food to Eat on O’ahu - Aloha on this What I Ate Wednesday! This week we're coming at you from O'ahu, Hawaii, where Steve and I spent our first anniversary. This is the tale of the many island delicacies we enjoyed on our trip!
  • What to Eat on Guam - It's What I Ate Wednesday and Guam week! Parrot fish, coconut iced coffee, and SUSHI await! Who's hungry?
  • What to Eat in Australia - It's everyone's favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! Today I feel like going Down Under to one of my favorite places: Australia!

South America

  • What to Eat in Santiago, Chile - It's What I Ate Wednesday! We recently spent a day in Santiago, Chile, enroute to Easter Island, and while we didn't have too much time there, we did have to eat! Turns out you can get a big sandwich just about anywhere...
  • What to Eat on Easter Island - It's What I Ate Wednesday! This week it's coming to you from the most remote inhabited island in the world: Easter Island! What does one eat on this remote, South Pacific island? Find out today!
  • What to Eat in the Galapagos - It's What I Ate Wednesday, and this week I'm taking you back to the Galapagos Islands with me! What do they eat on such remote islands? Find out today!
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