What to Eat: Heidelberg’s Christmas Market

Updated June 25, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This one’s pretty special–it’s all about Christmas foods! I recently was in Heidelberg to enjoy the Christmas Markets and explore this cute, historic town, and to get a little more material for my Germany page! Here’s the scoop on what I ate at the Heidelberg Christmas Market!


For many, gluhwein is the only beverage to enjoy at a Christmas Market. Not for me! I enjoyed kinderpunsch (warm fruit juices and fruit tea), cranbeerypunsch, and apfelpunsch instead! You really do want a little something warming you from the inside at these Christmas Markets, and you can keep your mug!

Kinderpunsch for me!
Chocolate-covered Marshmallow Cream

You read that right: marshmallow cream! This one was dipped in white chocolate and striped with milk chocolate. It was like biting into a Heavenly cloud!

Marshmallowy perfection on a napkin

Spiral Potato

If you’re into potato chips, you have to try one of these! They spiral the potato and fry it up on a stick. You can have you pick of ketchup, salsa, chili cheese, or garlic sauces. The girl sprinkled some seasoning salt on it, too. It was great!

Eat a long potato chip: check!

Leberknoedle with Sauerkrat

I was looking for something German, and I found it! These Leberknoedle were made of an unidentified meat that was tender, flavorful, and filling! And I will only eat sauerkraut in Germany. Anywhere else it’s just gross. Are you a sauerkraut fan?

Leberknoedle for Lunch

Savory Crepe

Who knew crepes were such a thing in Germany? I couldn’t turn a corner without bumping into a creperie! This was

savory, made with cheese, arugula, mushrooms, tomatoes, and little peppers.

In the process
Finished product

Sweet Crepe

Did someone say banana and nutella? This might have been the best thing I ate at the Christmas Markets! It was fun to watch them make it, and even more amazing to eat.

A drizzle of nutella, anyone?
So Christmassy!

Kaesse Spaetzel (Cheese with Dumplings)

This is just enough like mac and cheese that I had to try it! Spaetzel is a little noodle-dumpling, and when paired with cheese, it becomes something wonderful! And I made a new friend who told me all about wurst (sausages)!

My new friend with the Kaesse Spaetzel!

Are you hungry yet? I’m missing all the wonderful treats myself!

Want more about Heidelberg, Gemany, and Christmas Markets? Check out my Germany Page!

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  1. The marshmallow one looks so good! There is the spiral potato here in Japan too. It’s called tornado potato. 😀

    1. I love finding cross-cultural foods! 🌎✈️

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