What to Eat in Austin

Updated June 27, 2020.

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week: What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re eating our way through Austin, Texas!


Many people enjoy going out to dinner, but Steve and I love going out to breakfast. It’s relaxing, and it really makes me feel like I’m starting my day off well. On a previous trip to Austin, my friend Jill introduced me to Kerbey Lane at their original store–you guessed it, on Kerbey Lane! So I knew I had to go back there with Steve. Another friend told me about a little place called the Magnolia Cafe, and we couldn’t have felt more welcome or been more pleased with it! Take a look:

CIMG5452 2
Fresh fruit, poached eggs, and apple whole wheat pancakes from Kerbey Lane
Breakfast tacos–when in Texas!
Magnolia Omelette, Blueberry-cornmeal pancakes, and cheese scrambled eggs with fruit at Magnolia Cafe
Tex-Mex omelette, scratch-made biscuit, and black beans from Kerbey Lane.


After a long walk around Town Lake or a climb to take in the views up on Mount Bonnell, you’re going to need an authentic Austin lunch! My sweet husband wanted to take me to Hula Hut, which is Hawaiian-inspired Tex-Mex overlooking Town Lake. We loved it! Also, when in Austin, you should probably eat at Austin’s famous Chuy’s.

Burrito, rice, and beans from Chuy’s
Tubular shrimp taco, etc., from Hula Hut
Soft fish tacos from Hula Hut
Of, course, chips and salsa!


If you follow my Wednesday blogs at all, you know I’m a sweets girl. And what goes well with my favorite sweets? Coffee! La Patisserie is an adorable little dessert cafe just steps from the “Greetings from Austin” mural, so be sure to stop in! And while you’re sweating your brains out walking around in the Texas Capital, stop over for some ice cream, too!

Texas-sized Macaron from La Patisserie
Iced Coffee from Kerbey Lane
Smooth, hot coffee at Magnolia Cafe
White chocolate and peanut butter cup ice cream from Amy’s Ice Cream
Strawberry cupcake from Sprinkles!
French Brest and iced coffee from La Patisserie


When you’re in Texas, if it’s not about the Tex-Mex, it’s about the meats. Pork, beef, bison, etc., you gotta have the meat! Don’t worry, it can come on a salad, especially on those hot days!

I mostly got the burger for the sweet potato fries, but the burger was good, too!
Steak salad
Bison burger with avocado and sweet potato fries!
Brisket salad! Yes, that’s a thing in Texas
Uncle Billy’s BBQ sauces for every taste!

Are you ready or your own culinary adventure through Austin? We recommend it! Just bring your appetite because everything’s bigger in Texas–especially the portion sizes! Want more things to do in Austin? Read 10 Things to Do in Austin!

And take a look at the rest of my United States Page for more!

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