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10 Reasons to Visit Cairns, Australia

It’s Faraway Friday! This week I’m jetting you off to one of the most memorable places I’ve ever been: Cairns, Australia. Where else can you hold a koala? Basically nowhere! Between the wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef, and the laid back feel of this coastal Australian town, Cairns is a place you just don’t forget!… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Cairns, Australia

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6 Ways I Afford to Travel

Greetings, my readers! For this post, I’m addressing a question that I typically find to be tacky and even rude, unless it comes from someone who truly wants to travel, but believes it’s just too expensive. Here I’ll be sharing my tips and secrets for travel bargain hunting! 1. Flights: Sign Up for Alerts Flights… Continue reading 6 Ways I Afford to Travel

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Budget Blunders

Full disclosure: This post is not your typical “how to stay within your budget” post full of money saving advice. This is more about mindful spending. I don’t believe in budgets (and apparently neither does anyone looking for a house with House Hunters International), and even when I was single and paying for everything on… Continue reading Budget Blunders

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6 Things that Happen to Travelers

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! Let’s be practical for a minute. We all know I LOVE to travel, but I’ll be completely honest, there are some uncomfortable and less than convenient parts to traveling. Travel is awesome, fulfilling, and I would not trade my travels for almost anything, but here are some things to remember when… Continue reading 6 Things that Happen to Travelers

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Solo Travel: Responding to Naysayers

If you’ve known me for long, you know I’m a huge advocate for solo travel. My husband and I both traveled solo before we met, and I believe that made us how we both are today. Solo travel hones your trouble-shooting and problem solving skills, opens your eyes to different perspectives, and gives you a… Continue reading Solo Travel: Responding to Naysayers

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Solo Travel: Switzerland

Why Switzerland? Because it’s wonderful! I’ve been to Switzerland more often than I’ve been anywhere other than my home country, and I just love it. The cheese, the bread, the hiking, the castles, the friendly people, the traveler-friendly transportation, the walkability of the villages. Switzerland is a fantastic solo destination for a multitude of reasons!… Continue reading Solo Travel: Switzerland

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Solo Travel: Krakow

Why Krakow? Love historic architecture? Are you a World War II buff? Do you like beautiful places? Krakow is for you! I chose Krakow because it was a natural stopping point on my trip through Eastern Europe. I really didn’t know anything about it until I went, and it was a pleasant surprise! I had… Continue reading Solo Travel: Krakow

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Solo Travel: Warsaw

Why Warsaw? Poland has an interesting history, and because Warsaw is the capital city, much of its history is on display here. Love music? Chopin hails from Warsaw, and there is an excellent museum here dedicated to him and to his music! Warsaw took it on the chin during World War II, and a visit… Continue reading Solo Travel: Warsaw

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Solo Travel: Japan

Why Japan? Because it’s beautiful, peaceful, memorable, iconic, distinctive, easy to get around, and perfect for a solo traveler! Check out my 10 Reasons to Visit Japan and start listing your travel preferences. Do you want the countryside? Consider Ise City. Prefer a world-class city experience? Definitely spend some time in Tokyo! Want old world charm? Kyoto… Continue reading Solo Travel: Japan

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Solo Travel: Bratislava, Slovakia

Who loves solo travel? We do! One of my most favorite trips ever–and favorite solo trips–was my visit to Bratislava in 2012. I still recommend this beautiful town to everyone who’ll listen–and today, that’s you! So here are some things you might be curious about if Bratislava is on your “to go” list! Why Bratislava?… Continue reading Solo Travel: Bratislava, Slovakia