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Top 10 Romantic Venice

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! If you’ve been following along on Facebook and Instagram, you know my sweet husband recently whisked me away for a romantic long weekend in Venice, Italy! This was my first time to Italy, and I’ve always thought of it as an unattainable, romantic, dreamy destination. But I wasn’t dreaming! Here are… Continue reading Top 10 Romantic Venice

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Tennessee at the U.S. Capitol

It’s Museum Monday! If you’ve been to the United States Capitol before, you know it’s not only a Federal Government building, it’s also a big museum. From statues to artwork to artifacts, there is a lot to take in! Each state in the Union has contributed to the museum that is the U.S. Capitol Building… Continue reading Tennessee at the U.S. Capitol

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10 Reasons to Visit Venice

It’s Faraway Friday! This week I’m whisking you away to a place I had previously only dreamt of visiting: Venice, Italy! Some places just seem like a dream, as though they’re too good to be true or too unique to be real. To me, Venice was always one of those places. But here are 10… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Venice

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4 Days in Venice

It’s Throwback Thursday! Today I’m throwing it back to last weekend’s exciting Venetian getaway. We spent the better part of four days there, and we covered a lot of ground without getting too overwhelmed. If you’re looking for a four-day plan or itinerary for yourself, this just might be the one for you. Day 1… Continue reading 4 Days in Venice

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What I Ate in Venice

It’s everyone’s favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! On our recent trip to Venice, Italy, what can I say? We had to eat! This was my first trip to Italy, so I was thrilled and excited for the opportunity to enjoy Italian pastas, gelato, coffee, and more. See what we got into, but here’s a fair… Continue reading What I Ate in Venice

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What to Know Before You Visit Venice

  It’s Travel Tip Tuesday! If you’ve been following along on Quick Whit Travel’s Facebook and Instagram, you know my sweet husband and I just got back from a whirl-wind trip to romantic Venice! I’ve always wanted to visit Venice, but it always seemed like an unattainable dream–but no more! Here are some tips for… Continue reading What to Know Before You Visit Venice

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Guide to Venetian Gondolas

This Motivation Monday I have your guide to gondolas in beautiful, iconic, historic Venice! It’s the ultimate in romance: a private gondola ride through the beautiful canals of Venice, Italy. Perhaps you’re being serenaded as you float along. If you’re like me and you always want to know a little more about iconic sites and… Continue reading Guide to Venetian Gondolas

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Arlington National Cemetery: A Guide

This weekend, Americans will be taking time to remember those who fought for our freedoms. We will remember those who died for it and those who lived to tell unspeakable accounts of what they did, saw, and survived so their fellow Americans and America’s allies could secure and preserve freedom. There is no place I’ve… Continue reading Arlington National Cemetery: A Guide

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1 Day in Williamsburg

It’s a very special Throwback Thursday–all the way back to the 18th century! Recently I had just one day to spend in Colonial Williamsburg, VA, and though I’d been before, I wanted to make the most of my time there. Here is a quick itinerary for your own visit if you want to make the… Continue reading 1 Day in Williamsburg

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Packing Strategy 7: Winter Gear

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! A while back I asked my readers on Facebook what they wanted to read about in an upcoming blog post. One of the responses was “tips for packing winter clothes.” I am passionate about never checking a bag, so packing efficiently is very important to me. Now that the weather… Continue reading Packing Strategy 7: Winter Gear