What to Eat in Bangkok

Updated June 25, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week I’m remembering what we ate on our recent trip to Thailand! I’m a sucker for all foods Asian, but Thai is a top favorite. This was my first time having it in Thailand, so I was eager to enjoy it all!


We were only there three mornings, but we made the most of our options. First up: Congee! This is actually a Chinese breakfast food that I’ve had a couple of times before on a plane. But since I knew I liked it, and it’s a general Asian dish, no exclusively Chinese, I felt justified in getting it. It’s like a rice porridge (the consistency of oatmeal) with savory add-ins like chicken, salt, chives, soy sauce, and some other additions as you like. We also chowed down on some interesting fruits at the hotel before we left in search of breakfast:


Pad Thai! I could not leave Thailand and not have enjoyed some authentic pad Thai. Steve got a good old fashioned American-style burger, however, because sometimes you just want a taste of home! We actually ordered this poolside at our hotel. We felt so fancy! Yes, we waited enough time before jumping in.


Well, you know I can’t go anywhere in Asia or the Pacific without trying their sushi. Thailand did a wonderful job of sushi! But I also wanted to make sure I tried something traditionally Thai that we can’t necessarily get authentically in the States. I don’t remember what the dish on the left is called, but it was delightful! It was a type of breaded prawns in curry sauce over rice. It was too spicy for me, but I ate enough to fill me up enough, and then I moved on to dessert!


Who can resist mango sorbet? Not me! It was a delightful end to a delightful sushi meal. But the pink stuff on the right… not so much. I don’t remember what it was called, but it sounded like the most authentic thing on the dessert menu! It was sort of like coconut noodles in coconut milk with pink, crunchy tapioca balls. Eh. Sometimes you get a winner, and sometimes you get crunchy pink stuff. It was an experience!

Have you ever had a surprising food experience abroad? Comment below to tell us about it!

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6 responses to “What to Eat in Bangkok”

  1. I was back in Thailand in June/July- I think the dessert you had was perhaps Mango sticky rice (really popular and super delicious)
    Did you guys have any of the street food? I must say that was my favourite

    1. Thanks! The dessert I wasn’t so sure about was not mango and sticky rice–that’s my favorite Thai dessert! We did not try the street food, unfortunately, since we were only there a day!

      1. My favourite too! I suppose it’ll remain a mystery…

      2. But with mango and sticky rice, who needs another dessert? 😉 What was your favorite street food?

      3. I really loved the street pad Thai it was so fresh (and great for a late night snack)
        Aside from that I really enjoyed the fruit filled egg pancakes and seafood skewers.

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