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What to Eat on the Plane: Avianca Business Class


If you read yesterday’s post, you got the low-down on our unexpected journey (in Business Class!) on Avianca Airlines to get home from Chile. Today, I’m giving you the details on the food! It’s What I Ate Wednesday after all!

Flight 1: SCL-LIM (Santiago to Lima)


Our flight was scheduled for 7:15 am and would take just under four hours. That means we got breakfast! And it was a pretty good one:

Croissant, butter and marmalade, coffee, hot water for tea, fruit, spinach quiche, and potatoes

That’s one hearty breakfast. It kept us going until lunch on our next flight, even with a two-hour delay!

Flight 2: LIM-SAL (Lima to San Salvador)


Our second of three flights was supposed to leave about 10:10 am and take 4 hours and 15 minutes, but we were delayed almost two hours (we still don’t know why–crew change? maintenance? weather? Other flights were going, but our plane was just sitting there the whole time!). We left at noon. No big deal. We had a lovely lunch (and lay-flat seats) waiting for us onboard!


Nuts and a beverage to tide us over when we boarded


Bread, butter, Italian dressing, and salad with ham, olives, corn, tomato, and cheese; water and peach juice


Steve and I both got the cheese beef cannelloni with tomatoes; it was delicious!


Is it flan? Is it cheesecake? It was not my favorite, but it came with a cookie crust and on top of a coffee sauce.

Flight 3: SAL-IAD (San Salvador to Washington-Dulles)

Lunch Again!

Because our flight was scheduled to leave about 3:00 pm and take approximately four hours, so the airlines typically serve lunch if a flight is scheduled to leave at that time. We left an hour late because they (thankfully!) waited for us and the other 30 or so passengers connecting to Washington-Dulles, but it was still lunch for us! Because it was a smaller plane, the meal was less elaborate and without a separate appetizer course, but the dessert was the best of the day!


Nuts and a beverage upon boarding!


Steve’s Choice: Roll, avocado and tomato appetizer/side, and chicken and rice with tomato sauce
Quick Whit’s Choice: Roll, avocado and tomato appetizer/side, and bacon-stuffed beef with potatoes and carrots


This one was really special! I love meringue, and this was awesome! I wasn’t even hungry because we’d been fed all day long, but I might could have eaten about a dozen of these! I didn’t. I stopped with one.

Meringue cookie, sweetened whipped cream, topped with passion fruit sauce!

So next time you fly Avianca’s Business Class, you’ll know just what to expect! Like what you see? Tell me in the comments section below!

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