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Hi! I’m Whitney, a small town girl from rural Tennessee who started traveling the world at 20 years old and basically never unpacked. I’m so glad you’re here to travel with me, and I can’t wait to hear about where my blog helps you go!


My blog’s mission is to inspire your wanderlust and prepare you to travel your best! My posts are chock-full of useful info, helpful links (not just links to my own blog posts), and tips that will help you travel like a pro!

The fact that helped me travel with confidence from day one is that no matter where I go, people actually live there every day! They may live differently than I do, but if they can do it, I can do it. And so can you!

With the right levels of excitement, planning, and preparation, the world can be your playground. Sometimes we just need to think outside the box a bit to make it happen, so we can travel outside the suitcase. You can’t plan for everything (which is part of the fun!), but you can prepare, and my blog is here to help you do it! 

There’s no better feeling than reaching the peak—your goal!

My Story

I haven’t always been the self-confident world traveler I am today. There was always some part of that inside me ready to burst out, but for most of my life I struggled with my confidence, self-acceptance, and battled an eating disorder that started when I was  five years old. The turning point for me came after a harsh break-up when an opportunity to teach English and travel around Japan fell into my lap (well, into my inbox). 

At 20 years old, I embarked on my first-ever solo trip and my first overseas journey to Japan. I didn’t know anyone who had ever been to Japan, so there was a lot to write home about! I wrote e-mails back home to my family and friends who wanted to know what I was up to, and that grew into the Quick Whit Travel blog. My experiences that summer helped me find my confidence, confront my fears, and really see myself for how God created me. Oh, and I learned that teaching was most definitely not for me!

I came home and finished college a year and a half later, but I never lost my love of travel and my desire to experience new places—not just go places but truly experience them! I moved where the jobs were—Washington, D.C.—and kept traveling whenever and wherever I found an opportunity. 

After three years as a communications speciality at NASA Headquarters, I quit to teach English and travel the world. But that just kept not working out for one reason or another. So I shifted gears and pursued another passion of mine: history. I started giving ghost tours and history tours of nearby Alexandria, VA, and worked as a waitress at historic Gadsby’s Tavern Restaurant and Museum. I thought for sure my winning personality and willingness to work my way up from the bottom would certainly help me get my foot in the door with the city or Historic Alexandria Foundation. 

Instead people just thought I was a nobody who never went to college. Considering I have a B.S. in Professional Communication with minors in World Studies and Speech Communication, as well as my TEFL/TESOL Teaching Certification, that hurt my feelings a little bit. 

But no worries! I found other contract jobs over the next couple of years, and in the meantime I also met my husband in Prague, where we were traveling with mutual friends! Before we got married he asked me, “So, now that you don’t have to work, what do you want to do?” My answer: be a housewife and work on my blog!

So here we are, traveling the world and creating the most helpful travel blog out there. I always promise you no ads, no scams, no worries, my friends. This blog is for you, to give you the inspiration, knowledge, and confidence to travel outside the suitcase!

So glad I met this man on my travel journey!

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  1. Hello – I read your information about the Galapagos – much appreciated! What tour group/company did you use to travel there? Thanks,Carla

  2. The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum is interested in using your photo image of the Sam Houston Statue for an exhibit we are creating. Please let me know if you are interested and what the highest res you can provide us with.

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