Saving and Money

Think travel is too expensive? Not so fast! Check out these posts and start traveling ASAP!

Saving for Travel

  • Ultimate Guide to Travel and Your Money - One of the most common questions I get is, "how can I afford to travel?" The answer is different for everyone, but the general rules apply to all.
  • 6 Ways I Afford to Travel - For this post, I'm addressing a question that I typically find to be tacky and even rude, unless it comes from someone who truly wants to travel, but believes it's just too expensive. Here I'll be sharing my tips and secrets for travel bargain hunting!

Points and Rewards

  • Beginner’s Guide to Hotel Rewards - Hotels can be the most expensive part of a vacation. Depending on the type of hotel and the length of your stay, you could be paying more for the hotel than for the plane ticket to get there! But there’s good news: hotel rewards!
  • Beginner’s Guide to Using Airline Miles to Travel - We hoarded miles for so long while Steve was earning his Million Miles with United and all the benefits that brings, so we took full advantage of those miles when we saw opportunities. And I'm here to help you figure out how to do that, too!
  • Beginner’s Guide for Using Credit Card Points to Travel - I have news for you: if you're using a debit card or a credit card with no points or rewards system, you're leaving money, experiences, gift cards, and more on the table!
  • What are the Benefits of Airline Loyalty? - Are you loyal to a specific airline or airline alliance? Is it always best to go with the cheapest ticket on the cheapest flight? I think it depends, but here are some reasons airline loyalty may be worth looking into!

Finding Deals

  • How to Find Cheap Flights - It's one of the most common questions any travel professional gets: "How can I find cheap flights?"
  • Cancelled or Delayed Flights in Europe? How to Get Your EU 261 Compensation - You never want it to happen. It's that feeling when you wake up at 4:00am for your early morning flight... and you have an e-mail saying it's cancelled.
  • Flying United’s Basic Economy - So you want to travel on the cheap. Don't we all! It's no secret that airline's are shrinking seats and increasing fares, but for the truly cheap and adventurous, the major U.S.-based airlines have started offering "basic" fares.
  • Can I Use the US Dollar Abroad? - The US Dollar is the most widely accepted currency in the world. There are some countries outside the United States that not only take the US Dollar, but there are some who use it for their country's currency!

Budget Strategies

  • Best Snacks to Pack for the Flight - I've come up with the ultimate list of the best foods to take with you in-flight. These foods can pass through TSA without issue, will save you money over airport food, and won't offend your fellow travelers.
  • Budget Blunders (and how you can avoid them!) - Full disclosure: This post is not your typical "how to stay within your budget" post full of money saving advice! This is more about mindful spending. I don't believe in budgets.
  • Travel Splurges Worth the Price - I am all for saving money where you can and finding a great flight and hotel deal, but occasionally, budgeting for something special can be well worth the extra cost. Here are a few examples!
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