What to Eat in Vienna

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re eating our way through the home of the Weiner schnitzel–Vienna, Austria! Before you get too hungry, let’s get going!


We stayed at the Hotel Sacher, which had an amazing breakfast buffet! Above is a sampling of the selection–made to order omelette, two kinds of bread (I LOVE European bread), sausages with mustard, and the best coffee service ever. Isn’t it cute? Steve and I both like to fill up at breakfast to get maximum touring time before e have to stop to eat again.


Crepes are not just for the French! The one above was filled with ham and cheese and topped with more cheese! The salad was wonderful, and the dressing was creamy but light. It really hit the spot after a long (and romantic) walk to and around the Belvedere! And Steve indulged in an afternoon coffee as well. The next day’s late lunch was a delightful sort of egg pancake, though I can’t remember the Austrian name for it! It was also served with salad to the left there.


We went to Vienna in October, and it was mostly overcast and chilly the whole weekend–very romantic for strolling, but also great soup weather! Good thing they know how to make a good goulash soup. Steve and I both got one (I shared with my duck, Mr. Peabody Pembroke). And of course we couldn’t say we’d been to Vienna with ordering their namesake dish, Weiner schnitzel! It’s hammered meat (in this case, pork) that’s been breaded and fried up, served with potatoes, lemon, and small salad. We each got one, but if we’d known how big they’d be, we might have just split one!


Everyone knows this is my favorite part of any meal! Staying at the Hotel Sacher provided ample opportunity to try out their notable chocolate cake. It was available any time of day, but especially at breakfast! Above is a shot of the classic Sacher Torte, apple cake, and fresh whipped cream. At the top right is my duck, Mr. Peabody Pembroke, enjoying a little mini Sacher Torte that the hotel left on each side of the bed for us! Below that is an Apfel Kuchen, or apple pie! It was a real treat!

Have you been to Austria? Did I miss an essential Austrian dish? Comment below!

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  1. Wow the weiner schnitzel could feed an army! LOL

    1. No kidding! Word to the wise!

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