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What I Ate on Nantucket


It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week, we’re eating our way through beautiful Nantucket. Come along, my faithful readers! Let’s begin with the most important part of the day:


I drank a lot of coffee on Nantucket! There are no chain restaurants “On Island.” That’s right, no Starbucks, no Dunkin’ Donuts, just fabulous mom and pop shops–my favorite! And since I only had about 48 hours to see as much of Nantucket as possible, I needed a lot of coffee. Check it out:

Lavender Latte at the Handlebar Cafe

Vanilla Latte at Island Coffee

Mocha at Petticoat Row Bakery

Vanilla Latte + Apple Cake at The Bean = Perfect Afternoon Treat

Mid-run coffee at Wicked Island Bakery!

Breakfast and Lunch

So, Nantucketers apparently love breakfast! Several restaurants offer breakfast until 1:00pm, even on weekdays!

Post-run breakfast to go: Kale and cheese croissant from The Hub

Veggie scramble with cheese grits and English Muffin from Black-Eyed Susan

Breakfast (for lunch) wrap from Fog Island Cafe: eggs, veggies, and cheese wrap with fruit!

Cali Power Sandwich from Lemon Press: Egg, Spinach, Tomato, and Avocado!

Supper (aka “Suppah”)

Nantucket is not a budget destination, as you may already know. I’ve eaten more sushi in my day than your average American, but my first night in Nantucket, I paid more for one smaller than average size rainbow roll than I have ever paid before. Not to say it wasn’t good, just saying it was not the best in terms of value! But the second night’s dinner was more substantial and very Nor’easterly.

$30 Rainbow Roll from Lola 41

Clam “Chowdah” from the Tavern

Lobster Roll with HUGE Chunks of Real Lobster from the Tavern!


There’s really no point in having supper on vacation if you’re not also going to have dessert, right? That’s my philosophy!

1 Scoop Cake Batter + 1 Scoop Cookies n Cream in a Waffle Bowl from the Juice Bar

Sea Salt and Caramel Ice Cream Sundae with Hot Fudge and Marshmallows from Jack and Charlie’s
Are you ready for your own culinary adventure through New England’s favorite summer destination? Check out Exploring Nantucket by Land and by Sea!

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