What to Eat on Bali

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! Today we’re talking all about the exotic foods of Bali!

So, what do the Balinese eat for breakfast? Check it out:

You guessed it–rice and noodles! They also offered America-style breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, bagels, cereal, French toast, etc., but you know I like to try the local fare wherever I go!

Because Bali is primarily Hindu (the rest of Indonesia is mostly Muslim), there were lots of cows roaming around. Surprisingly, there were a few beef dishes on a couple of menus, but mostly it was all fish, prawns, and chicken. So what did we have for lunches and suppers?

Delicious! Asian is definitely my favorite cuisine. The curry was a little hotter than I like, but there were all these little friends in it:

Octopus? Yes, please! A colorful diet is very important–he’s purple!

Time for dessert! Always my favorite course–right after sushi in the hierarchy of my favorite meals.

Always nicely presented, even if it’s just a spoon wrapped in a napkin next to your chocolate.

And what about beverages? One of our butlers at the Ametis Villas warned us not to drink the water from the tap, or even brush our teeth with it. He said even he can’t drink it. It’s from the sea water! So what do we drink? Bottled water, hot teas, coffee, and lots of juices!

The fruit juices were blended with ice, which I didn’t know until I saw the dude making my watermelon juice. I was a little nervous at first, but it didn’t make me sick, so apparently they make their ice with clean water!

So what do you think? Anything look appetizing? Anything look completely gross? Do you like to try new foods when you travel?

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