What to Eat in Qatar: Supper

Updated June 25, 2020.

Hungry? Visit Qatar at suppertime! Everything I ate in Qatar was flavorful and filling, and a meal with my Qatari family and friends was just the way I wanted to end each day. Whether we were eating on the floor or at an elaborate party, we were eating well!

Upon Arrival

We hit the ground running when I arrived at Hammad International Airport in Doha. My friends Sharifa and Janna, along with Sharifa’s brother Mahmoud, picked me up and whisked me off to see the best of Doha. It was overwhelming! I started feeling a little hungry after a while, so we stopped for some juice and a Chicken Tikka for me! It was filled with chicken, cheese, pickles, and French fries–much to my delight!

Chicken Tikka
An inside look!

Family Meal Time

My first meal with the Assaf family was more like my introduction into their family. They told me to dig in with my hands, and I sure did! I really enjoy Middle Eastern food for the most part (though too much olive oil upsets my stomach), and all this homemade food was such a treat! Every bite was delicious.

Eggplant with spices
Spicy Stewed Tomatoes
Cucumber and Tomatoes
The Spread!

On the Go

One night as we were sightseeing, we stopped for a quick schwarma—the hamburger of the Arab world! One of these had chicken, and the other had beef. Both included onions, pickles, lettuce, and a yogurt sauce!

Chicken Schwarma
Beef Schwarma

Eating Lite

Most meals were quite large, but some were lite and easy… but the volume more than made up for it! Below you’ll see my friend Sharifa’s spicy feta, but thankfully there waas a non-spicy option for me! The pita bread was fresh and delicious, and since my husband doesn’t like cucumbers, having them for so many meals in Qatar was a treat! And what’s that porridge-type stuff down there? Harees! It’s kind of a mix between porridge and a dumpling, and if I had been at all hungry, I would have eaten a great deal more of it!

Spiced Feta Cheese
Fresh Pita
Cucumber and non-spicy cheese (like cream cheese) pita sandwich!

Dinner Party

Sometimes supper was lite, but sometimes it was a party! My friends and I were invited to the home of Sharifa’s childhood friend for a meal and dancing. I wasn’t too good at the dancing, but I was a very good eater!

Kebab Hindi, kind of like Indian Fritters
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Brianee: chicken and rice with vegetables.
Chicken Byrani
Vegetable Macaroni
Stuffed Grape Leaves and Cabbage Leaves
My plate!

The Most Interesting Thing I Ate…

What’s the most interesting thing I ate in Qatar? It’s one of the first questions I got when I returned, and the answer is… Pigeon! It was roasted, well-seasoned, and stuffed full of the most delicious rice, and it was amazing! Now I can add pigeon to the list of interesting proteins I’ve consumed. Alongside that was noodles with egg, which was also delicious and flavorful, but notably less unusual than pigeon!

Noodles with Egg and Rice-stuffed PIGEON!

Hungry yet? Me, too! For all my food posts, including more Qatari food, check out my World Foods Page!

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