What to Eat in Amsterdam

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week it’s all about the fantastic Dutch food. Check out what we ate and get ready to crave some of your own!


We tried to eat hearty breakfasts so we could power through much of the day before stopping to eat again. It served us well!

Bread with brie and honey, bacon, eggs, smoked salmon, smoked herring, and turkey slices; cranberry juice.


Waffle with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar, two fruit pastries, sautéed spinach, potato cubes, grapes and blueberries, proffertjes (little pancakes) with powdered sugar:


Proffertjes with strawberry sauce and powdered sugar, sautéed spinach, tomatoes, bacon, eggs, bread with cherry jam, with Gouda and smoked salmon in the bowl:


Airline lounge breakfast! Fruit, Gouda cheese, assorted pastries, croissant, rolls, jam and honey, eggs:


Snacks and Tea Time

I love a good sweet! And there is no shortage of sweets in Amsterdam. Just be careful to get it from a real bakery and not a “coffeeshop” bakery! Not sure what I mean by that? Check out yesterday’s post: What to Know Before You Visit Amsterdam.

A “Deco Waffle” is a chocolate- or candy-covered Belgian waffle! It’s thick, soft, covered in everything from caramel sauce to sprinkles to marshmallows, and can be served warm! If I had been thinking about photographic appeal, I would have gotten a different color so if would show up better on the plate. Whoops! But it sure tasted great!


So, apparently tea time is a thing in Amsterdam! It makes sense because England is just across the water. Our hotel offered it at their lounge, so we took full advantage each afternoon! Here are the tea sandwiches, a petite four, and a banana–you know, for good measure:


When in the Netherlands, you must have a real Stroopwaffle! If you’ve never had one, it’s two thin waffles sandwiching a layer of caramel. Yum!


And I couldn’t “go Dutch” without trying out a Dutch Apple Pie! And a latte, because: jet lag.


Take another look at the assortment of sweets from the lounge: petit fours (some jam and cookie center inside, different colors outside), caramel and nut brownies, mini cupcakes, mini muffins, and those little red dried berries are goji berries!



After walking around Amsterdam all day (it’s bigger than it seems!), we definitely earned our supper. Fortunately for us, the hotel lounge offered a sampling of popular Dutch foods each evening, so we got to try several local favorites.

Turkey and cheese sandwich, smoked salmon salad, grapes, Gouda cheese (under the grapes, made in the city of Gouda, just south of Amsterdam!), shrimp croquette with Dutch mustard (my croquette had the come-aparts; it was prettier before I moved it to my plate!):


Here is a much better picture of the Gouda cheese, and those little balls are bitterballen, or little fried meat balls! Served with Dutch mustard:


Paté on bitter greens, tomato and cheese sandwich, Gouda cheese cubes (of course), fried chicken, and onion patties–they tasted like incredible onion rings:


This one was the most interesting! That’s pickled herring over whipped potatoes; bread with cheese, salami (I think), and sweet barbecue sauce; more bread with cheesed pesto; hummus; pastry with chicken-curry filling; and the triangles are vegetarian Indian Samosas. Come to find out, the Dutch love Indian and Indonesian cuisines:


Does any of that make your mouth water? Comment below to let me know! And don’t forget to visit my Netherlands Page and the World Foods Page, too!

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5 responses to “What to Eat in Amsterdam”

  1. I think stroopwaffels are a must try when you visit Amsterdam! We made sure we tried some traditional pancakes too 🙂

    1. Yum! We loved the Stroopwaffles!

  2. Fun Fact: Indonesia was a Dutch colony in the 1800s!

    1. Hence the Dutch East India Company! I love it when the dots connect! 🌏

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