What to Eat in Liechtenstein

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! You know I try to show all the sides of travel–the good, the bad, and the unexpected! I really enjoy finding authentic food wherever I go, but sometimes either timing or jet lag can get in the way of making a regular meal happen. Unfortunately, that happened to us in Liechtenstein! So here’s what we ate, though I can’t imagine this post will do the Liechtensteiner food justice. I hope one day we can get back to this sweet, friendly, scenic country–and this time try the more authentic fare!

Meal 1: Supper

After traveling from St. Moritz, Switzerland, and spending an afternoon in museums, we picked up some bread and cheese from the grocery store for supper. We were pretty tired and knew we’d want to have something quick and easy before bed. This is what we came up with:

Fresh bread, brie cheese, salami and pretzel sandwich, and amazing marzipan-filled cookies!

Meal 2: Breakfast

Breakfast that next morning was the best meal we had! The Park Hotel Sonnenhof is an incredible hotel with a phenomenal breakfast. Meats, cheeses, breads, museli, fruit, jams, jellies, honey, nutella, juice, and more! You can even have eggs made to order–Benedict, omelet, scrambled, fried, etc., etc., etc. And not only that, the dining rooms were beautifully decorated with comfortable seating and views of the Alps!

Bread, museli with fruit, meats, cheeses, jam, and honey
Omelet with bacon and mushrooms
Omelet with cheese, mushrooms, and spinach
My own personal silver coffee pot!

We had gone for a run that morning, and we were quite hungry by the time we showered and got to breakfast! Everything we had tasted perfect, and the service was impeccable!

Meal 3: Supper

Well, I had hoped we could have supper out somewhere, but several businesses (including restaurants!) were closed because it was Monday. It was also raining, so we decided to pick up something at a bakery we saw on the way back to our hotel. Well, it was closed between noon and 2:00pm, and we were there at 1:45pm. So we thought we’d go back later, but we didn’t. Dinner at the hotel was an option… until we found out they don’t start dinner until 7:00pm, and we wanted to be in bed by then in anticipation of our early departure the following morning.

Anyway, lucky for us, we had ordered a to-go breakfast to be ready that night since we would have to leave before breakfast started the next morning. I ate mine for supper! Steve saved his for the next day.

Fruit, juice, and a ham and cheese sandwich

Also lucky for us, turn-down service involved chocolate!


So there you have it. I promise I’ll have more interesting food next time! Want more on the best things to do and see? Check out the Liechtenstein page!

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