What to Eat in Santiago, Chile

Updated June 24, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! We recently spent a day in Santiago, Chile, enroute to Easter Island, and while we didn’t have too much time there, we did have to eat! Turns out you can get a big sandwich just about anywhere…


By the time we got into downtown Santiago, after our flights, getting kicked out of our Uber, figuring out the bus system, and taking their metro a few stops, we were getting pretty hungry! We found a few Subways, Starbuckses, McDonald’ses, and lots of Italian restaurants, but very few Chilean options! However, we did find one on our way to the Central Market. Here’s what we came up with.

Two breaded and fried beef patties, sauerkraut, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and bun. French fries.
Slices of beef, 6 slices of tomato, sliced green beans, and about a cup of peach-colored mayo on a delightfully yummy bun! And French fries.


That lunch was pretty hearty, but we did start to get hungry eventually. By then we were already back to the hotel (conveniently just across the street from the airport), so my sweet husband scurried over and picked up a little something for us to share. You know how I know he loves me? He never forgets to pick up a sweet!

Smoked salmon sandwich, Cesar salad, chocolate eclairs!


Since our flight was scheduled for 9:30am, we decided to get ourselves checked in and through security, and then get breakfast in the domestic terminal. The coffee was great, and the sandwich had enough protein to keep me full until the airplane meal.

Mochaccino and a chicken and avocado sandwich.

This was not one of my more exciting What I Ate Wednesdays, but it got the job done! The big sandwich is the Chilean meal to have, so make sure you get one!

Need more on Santiago? It’s all on my Chile Page!

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