Exotic Foods of the World

I have been really excited to write this post, but for a while I wasn’t sure what to call it. “The Strangest Food?” “The Weirdest Food?” “The Most Unusual Food?” “The Craziest Food?” In my effort not to offend anyone to for whom this food is not “weird, strange, crazy, or unusual,” I asked Steve, and he came up with the perfect solution: “Exotic!”

I’ll be the first to admit that the things Americans eat are “weird” to plenty of people in other cultures, and that’s not a bad thing; it’s one of the most interesting things! Culturally, we’re all subject to the food that grows or can be caught within a reasonable distance of ourselves. Food is an integral part of every culture and every human, so let’s celebrate it. These things may not be unusual or strange to you, but for me and most of my readers, these are the most exotic foods I ever ate!

Squid Ink Pasta
Venice, Italy

That’s right! The black stuff is the ink from an actual squid. The pasta is reular spaghetti pasta, the sauce is the black part; the spaghetti itself is not made with the squid ink. The meal tasted delicious, but it was a little bit too salty for me!

Would I eat it again? Yes!

Squid Ink Pasta
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Cod Fish Ovary Sushi
Tokyo, Japan

Sorry for the low picture quality, but I couldn’t leave this one out! I am all about roe, which is fish eggs, but an actual ovary? I had to try it when given the opportunity, especially when a Japanese friend was with me so I fully understood what it was! I like salmon roe (ikura) and black or orange flying fish roe (tobiko), but those ovaries were and still are the most disgustingly salty things I have ever eaten in my life! Not a fan.

Would I eat it again? Hard no.

Cod Fish Ovaries on Nigiri Sushi Rice
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Call me crazy, but I really like haggis! I know, I know, you definitely don’t want to know what’s in it. But you know what? I really don’t care what’s in it! I had it a few times on my trip to Scotland last year with my brother, and I honestly liked it!

Would I eat it again? Absolutely yes!

Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties (parsnips and potatoes)
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The Whole Fish
The Baltic States

I like fish, I really do, but while traveling in the Baltics, I have to say I got a little tired of having to debone my own! It was always seasoned well, but a little too labor-intensive for me. Yeah, the eyes were still in it every time!

Would I eat it again? Nah, I’ll pass.

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Doha, Qatar

That’s right: pigeon! When my friends in Qatar served it to me, they said I might think it was strange, but that it’s very common to eat there! I was cool with that. The one I had was well-seasoned and delicious!

Would I eat it again? Maybe!

While pigeon!
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Sydney, Australia

It’s not too unusual in Australia, but since that’s the only place kangaroos are naturally found, it’s highly exotic elsewhere in the world! So you know I had to try it. If ever you see “Aussie Surf ‘n Turf” on a menu, you better believe the “turf” will be kangaroo!

Would I eat it again? Sure!

Aussie Surf ‘n Turf: gigantic prawns and kangaroo steak!
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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Yep, a whole frog! Not just the legs. I ate it in Cambodia, which is one place I’d love to go back to. It tasted pretty good, but there were a ton of tiny bones inside. Eat at your own risk!

Would I eat it again? Only if it came deboned!

Fine Frog
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Want more? You’ll find all the best food on my World Foods Page!

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