What to Eat in Polaris: Houston to Sydney and Back Again

Meal time! One of the highlights of my husband’s and my 1K status with United is the Business Class upgrades. They are harder and harder to secure lately, so our upgrading days may be coming to a close sooner rather than later, but that’s all the more reason to enjoy them while we can! And one of the best benefits of these upgrades is the food. It’s true. United does have remarkable airline food in Business Class. This is your sneak peek at some of the meal options from Houston to Sydney and back again!

Houston (HOU) to Sydney (SYD)

Flight Number: UA 101
Flight Time: 17 Hours

Express Service Option

It’s perhaps a little silly, but I usually look forward to the meal service in Busness class no matter how long the flight or on what airline! But the flight from Houston to Sydney was a late one, and it left a full hour later than scheduled, and I was truly too sleepy to stay up for the whole meal. So, for the first time, I asked for the “Express Service,” which is offered for passengers who want to get their meal over and done with in favor of working or–in my case–sleeping! So I got the whole meal all at once. And you’ll never believe it… I skipped dessert! Steve stayed awake, and he was kind enough to take a photo of his food for me, too!

Smoked duck and rolls, salad, Thai-style chicken with udon noodles

Steve’s Entree

Poached shrimp coconut curry sauce with rice and vegetables


I slept remarkably well on the 17-hour flight to Sydney (and skipped my birthday in the process!), and enjoyed breakfast just an hour and a half prior to landing. There was also a croissant, but somehow that didn’t make the photo op!

Fruit, cookie (who doesn’t love a cookie for breakfast?!), yogurt, herbed omelette with cream cheese, potatoes, and chicken sausage

Sydney (SYD) to Houston (HOU)

Flight Number: 100
Flight Time: 15 Hours 15 Minutes


This flight left mid-morning, so I was fully awake for this one! We got our usual cup of warm mixed nuts, along with a tray of assorted appetizers before the entree. The nicest surprise was the wasabi pana cotta that came with the salmon. I spread what was left on the dinner roll!

Warm mixed nuts
Dinner roll, salad, smoked salmon with wasabi pana cotta


Steve and I often get different things. I hope you know it’s so that you can always see two out of the four options! Also, Steve is not like me… he doesn’t care about food, so he will eat whatever!

Roasted Tasman Salmon with lemon hollandaise, Israeli Couscous, and vegetables
Roasted Portobello Mushroom with Basmati rice and Cannellini Bean Salad


It’s my favorite! The only dessert options used to be cheese or a sundae, which is quite satisfactory, but since moving toward Polaris (a process not yet complete, but well on the way!), they have started offering a variety of sweet treats in addition to the regular offerings!

My Love’s caramel and whipped cream sundae, plus cheese, crackers, and grapes!
My sundae: hot fudge, caramel, and whipped cream. I would take a bowl of only hot fudge if I thought it would be ok to ask for it!
Pineapple-upside down cake, macaron, and an Australian delight called a Lamington!

Mid-flight Snack

I was awake for significantly more of this flight, so I got to partake of the mid-flight snack options. Along with fruit and the left over sweet treats from dessert (I may have had a few more macarons!), I got a sandwich and a Tim Tam. What’s a Tim Tam? It’s an Australian chocolate cookie sandwich: chocolate cookies, chocolate filling, and covered in chocolate. Who wouldn’t love that?

Ham and cheese and veggie sandwich, and an Australian Tim Tam cookie!


Before landing in Houston we got quite a hearty breakfast. The croissant made it for the photo op this time around, as you can see.

Fruit salad, croissant, jam, butter, yogurt, apple juice, chocolate-covered macadamias, egg and cheese frittata with chicken chorizo, potatoes, and tomato sauce

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