What to Eat in Poland

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week we are eating our way through Poland, specifically Warsaw and Krakow!


Europeans do pastries right! They eat their carbs and they do not feel bad about it. Above in the upper left corner is a sampling of the hostel’s breakfast in Warsaw: bread, cold cuts, cheese, tomato, jam, apple, and coffee (my fuel of choice). The picture at the bottom with the green table is the Polish breakfast: deviled eggs with Hollandaise (?) sauce, sausage, bread, salad, and two kinds of mustard for the sausage. I had a terrible experience at my hostel in Krakow, but I checked myself into an affordable (MUCH better) hotel in the old city center, and this is the breakfast from their restaurant.


I love pierogis! They come filled with any number of things. The ones I had for lunches in Poland were usually filled with pork and potatoes, and maybe cheese, onions, or mushrooms. The Poles also know how to do a hearty soup or stew. Even in May, the mornings and nights were chilly, and oddly enough Krakow, quite far south, was chilly every day, all day long, where as Warsaw was much warmer! I was incredibly impressed with the flavorful offerings in Poland.


Talk about some hearty meals! Being a Southern girl, everything tastes better with gravy! And they layer a lot of it on their meats. Maybe too rich for every day, but delicious after a long day of walking around and touring!


Dessert time! The dessert pierogis were a special delight for me because I’d never seen or heard of sweet pierogis before. These were filled with sweet poppyseed filling and covered with a sugary sweet sauce! Wow, was it ever delicious! The others were light and also yummy, but the pierogis took the prize!

What should I have had in Poland? What should I add to my list for next time? My husband is half Polish, but he’s never been there. I went just days before he and I first met, so next time, he will definitely be coming with me!

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  2. Hi! The sauce on the breakfest eggs is just mayonnaise, which in Poland nas much more strony taste 😉 😀

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