What to Eat in Lufthansa Business IAD-FRA

Updated June 23, 2020.

Hungry? Well, you’re about to get hungrier! My husband Steve and I recently got to experience Lufthansa’s Business Class from IAD to FRA and back again. Stay tuned for a full review of their Business Class, but for now, here are some foodie pics to whet your whistle!


There sure were a lot of appetizers before the main event! Good thing they’re all sort of small. Dinner quickly became a 7-course meal!

Nuts for everyone!
My choice: Prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes, peeled cherry tomatoes, and balsamic “pearls,” which were unexpectedly delicious!
Steve’s selection: Spicy grilled shrimp, celery root and green apple salad, caramelized dried fig, and spiced candied pecans (plus pretzel roll).
Pretty basic salad!


I’ll be completely honest, none of the entrees sounded all that great, and they came out looking worse! That’s all personal opinion, though, so you’re welcome to think they looked and sounded appetizing! I usually like Thai curry, but the fish was very dry and overcooked. But it was still pretty good for airline food!

My choice: Seared Halibut, yellow Thai curry, veggies, and steamed basmati rice.
Steve’s selection: Soft polenta with grated Parmesan, Porcini and button mushroom ragout, baby spinach, salsa verde, caper and Dijon mustard, and cherry tomato confit.


There were two choices for dessert, one savory and the other sweet. Can you guess which one I chose?

People who are a lot fancier than I am have cheese for dessert. I am not those people, but my husband is! He also just really likes cheese.
Give me the sweets! This creme brûlée tasted more like cheesecake to me. Which is good, since I don’t like traditional creme brûlée!
Did someone say chocolate? Sign me up!


There was exactly one choice for breakfast, and much to my delight it included both prosciutto and muesli! What’s muesli? It’s kind of like cold oatmeal, but sweet and better than cold oatmeal. Sounds great, right?!

Croissant, butter, fruit, prosciutto and cream cheese, honey, and muesli.

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