What to Eat in Ireland

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week’s entry is coming at you from the Emerald Isle: Ireland!


A typical Irish breakfast includes toast, a fried egg, sausages, bacon, tomato, pickles, and baked beans. Above are two variations from the B&Bs we stayed in. This type of breakfast lasted me quite a long time, which was good since we had a long day ahead of us every day!


Potatoes, hearty soups, and homemade bread. Nothing says warm comfort much better than that! We had a couple of versions of Shepherd’s Pie while we were there, and the drizzly, chilly weather made soup so very appealing! Those are just the kinds of things we needed to sustain us through afternoons of touring and into suppertime. The tomato soup pictured above was probably the best tomato soup I’ve ever had!


Again, I LOVE all the potatoes! Everywhere we went for that trip, I asked for the most Irish item on the menu, and not once was I disappointed! The best we did, in my opinion, was get reservations for A Night of Folklore and Fairytales at the Brazen Head, one of the oldest restaruants in Dublin. The storyteller was fantastic, and the food was good, too–which not many dinner theater experiences can claim!


There are two true indulgences I let myself enjoy while traveling: desserts of all kinds and coffee in the afternoon! I mean, if I’m going to be walking around all day, I’ve earned dessert. And my body’s already messed up from jet lag, so why not throw some caffeine into the mix? The hot cocoa pictured above was perfect on a rainy Dublin afternoon, and the caramel cookie bar with a latte was so delicious!

As a side note, I did try the black sausage, but I must have forgotten to take a picture of it! That goes back on the list for my next Irish excursion! What else do you recommend?

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