What to Eat in Georgetown, D.C.

Updated June 27, 2020.

Of all the neighborhoods in D.C., my personal opinion is that Georgetown has the best food! Businesses that thrive here have to be creative and original—no exceptions. So next time you’re in D.C., put in a little effort to walk or Uber into Georgetown (the closest Metro is a mile in either direction!). You won’t be disappointed.

90 Second Pizza

My dad had one food request on his latest visit to D.C.: brick oven pizza. My dad is a major foodie, and something made him just fascinated with these super hot brick ovens for cooking pizza. 90 Second Pizza is just south of M Street (the main drag through Georgetown), and it’s super easy to order on their iPad on the counter and pay (cards only—sorry, no cash!), and once all your toppings are on their homemade crust, just 90 seconds later your pizza is ready!

Dad’s super excited for his pizza!

Bandoola Bowl

My friend Andrea told me about this place, and as soon as she said Asian salad, I was sold! It sounded refreshing, healthy, and tasty, and it was in fact all three of those things. They had an amazing seasonal soup, which was Andrea’s choice, but I went straight for the huge salad option. The kind owners let us try anything we wanted, including all their sauce and protein options, and they helped us narrow down our choices when we wanted one of everything! I can’t wait to go back again soon—and winter time will be the best time to order a huge bowl of that soup!

Don’t ask me to remember everything in it, but it sure was delicious! And those pitas!

Martin’s Tavern

Fun fact: Georgetown actually pre-dates Washington, D.C.! So history is kind of a big deal here, as evidenced by the historic homes and narrow, sloping, cobblestone streets. And Martin’s Tavern is an exciting piece of Georgetown’s history. It’s been around since 1933, and while many famous figures have eaten here, it’s perhaps most famous for the time JFK proposed to Jackie Bouvier here when he was just a Senator! If you need to take your special occasion meal up a notch, call to make your reservation well in advance (like, 1-2 weeks in advance at least), and ask for “The Proposal Booth”!

Monte Cristo with Traditional Applesauce and Fries

Lady Camelia’s

Speaking of something special, you know tea time is a special occasion! Andrea and I met up here for a girls’ afternoon treat, and it was such fun! The tea room is decorated beautifully, and it’s everything you’ll want from a tea room. The tea sets are darling, and the food was delicious, too!

How sweet is this?!
Sandwiches, scones, and sweets!

Baked & Wired

If you’re in the mood for coffee and a crazy sweet, this is the place for you! Their pastries, coffee, breakfast quiches, and teas are all an outstanding way to start your day, and there is a surprising amount of seating inside, which is not something every restaurant in Georgetown can say!

Unicorn Cupcake!

Georgetown Cupcake

Okay, so Baked and Wired is over-the-top, which is too fun, but if you want a quality, “normal-size” cupcake and don’t mind waiting in line (pro tip: go in the middle of a weekday!), Georgetown Cupcake is famous for a delicious reason! They have their classic flavors all the time, but they also change it up with seasonal flavors, too! You can order ahead online to pick up, but if you’re not that organized, the line moves pretty quickly!

This peanut butter and jelly cupcake is the standard by which I judge all other cupcakes. It’s peanut butter cake, jelly surprise-inside center, and peanut butter fudge and jelly swirl frosting!

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