What to Eat in Bratislava

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s everyone’s favorite–What I Ate Wednesday! This week I’m remembering all the amazing Eastern European foods I got to try on a solo trip to Bratislava, Slovakia!


First up, let’s enjoy the most important meal of the day! I found this cute cafe called Shtoor, named after the man who basically wrote the Slovakian language. As a lover of words, this made me so excited!

To the left is the amazing coffee and complimentary biscotti at Shtoor. Thankfully for me, they had menus in English! In the picture to the right, I got to try some locally-made, spicey sheep’s cheese! I don’t know that I’d ever had sheep’s cheese before, but it was good enough for me to try it twice! And the homemade bread it came on–wow!


Lunches were fairly quick on my trip because there were so many things to see and do in Bratislava, and I only had a couple of days! I grabbed a toasted bagel–I think it had salmon on it–one day around late afternoon, and the next day I made a point to try some authentic goulash! The “dumplings” in the Hungarian goulash to the left were actually slices of bread, not traditional dumplings that I was expecting, but they were great for sopping up the meat sauce!


Halusky! (Pronounced “hal-oo-sh-kee.”)


Since my lunches tended to be later in the day, I wasn’t hungry for supper each night. But Slovakian halusky was so highly recommended, I knew I had to try it out! It’s small dumpling-like noodles in a cream sauce, served with cheese and in this case, bacon on top! So good, quite hardy, very filling!


My favorite meal of the day is… dessert! And Bratislava did not disappoint:

In the United States, we use poppyseed sparingly–maybe a tablespoon or two in an entire batch of muffins or loaf of bread. In Eastern Europe, poppyseed filling is much more than that! The sweet pierogis above are filled with poppyseed filling; the pastries above were filled with nuts, poppyseed, fruit, cream, etc.; and the small poppyseed roll in the lower corner gives you a glimpse at the delightful poppyseed filling!

So what do you think? Ready fora food tour of Bratislava? I recommend it! Check out my Slovakia Page for more! And for all the food, take a look at my World Foods Page, too!

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