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Your health is incredibly important for yourself but also for the people around you! Here are all my tips for the best health and wellness practices* for travelers.

*I am not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor about your health before making any changes to your own health and wellness practices.


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Travel During COVID

  • Was It Worth It to Plan a Trip to French Polynesia During the Pandemic? - What started as a dream trip on the brink of coming true...
  • What to Do If You Have to Quarantine Abroad - Hopefully this will never happen to you, but it's always a good idea to have a plan.
  • 5 Important Things to Do Before You Travel Internationally During the Pandemic - This is list meant to point you in the right direction in a time of chaos and confusion.
  • How to Sign up for Hawai’i’s Safe Travels Program - Here's how to navigate the Hawaii Safe Travels program for a smooth trip to paradise!
  • What It’s Like Staying at a Hotel During the Pandemic - Here's what it's like and what to expect!
  • How to Prepare for Your First Trip Since the Pandemic Started - Here's how to travel during this weird, epic pandemic life we're living!
  • Why Now is the Safest Time to Fly (Yes! During the Pandemic!) - Right now, in the year 2020, during this pandemic, is the safest time to fly in the history of flight. Here's why
  • Your Ultimate 2020 Travel Essentials - While I'm not trying to promote unnecessary or unsafe travel, I do think that is you're going to travel right now, it's good to be prepared! So I decided to pull together a list of the most essential items to put on your COVID travel packing list. Here you go!
  • 7 Ways I’ve Used Quarantine for Good (and 5 I Didn’t Get to Yet) - Quarantine. What started as a 15-day “flatten the curve” experiment has become a way of life.
  • My Post-quarantine Travel Bucket List - BIG NEWS! My site is getting an extreme makeover, and I'm writing a FREE e-book for you!
  • Books to Read During a Pandemic - While we're all #AloneTogether, #TogetherApart, #SaferAtHome, and #TogetherAtHome, we're all dealing with quarantine and re-opening differently.
  • What We Ate in Quarantine - Between take-out, curbside pick-up, and contactless delivery, I'd say the American people have been eating well in quarantine! It's not easy to find things to be excited about when plans have been getting cancelled, trips delayed, holidays all but cancelled, etc., etc., etc. We're doing it, though!
  • Why it’s Okay to Mourn Your Cancelled Travel - My travels have given me so much: deeper faith, self-confidence, friends, my husband, a creative outlet, something to look forward to in the dark cold winters, etc. It's sad that I no longer have those things when and how I want them.
  • What I Love About Travel - I am grateful for the travels and adventures I’ve had up to now. Travel has given me so much, and I love everything about it. Here’s the short list!
  • How We Take Travel for Granted (but never again) - Hopefully I'll be less likely to take these things for granted. Hopefully you will, too. So here it is: my list of the ways we take travel for granted.
  • How to Help the Travel Industry Recover After COVID-19 - The "in this together" mentality we've all had during this quarantine time is encouraging and heartening, but the one industry we haven't been able to support through it is also the one industry that will need it most when the quarantine, restrictions, and bans are lifted. Here's how you can help the travel industry where they need it most.
  • Things I Wish Would Stay the Same After COVID-19 - I've found a few things about this experience that I wish would stay the same long after the coronavirus gets a cure. Here are my top 10 picks. What would you add?
  • The Ultimate Getaways to Plan After COVID-19 - The best news of all is that airline ticket prices are plummeting (and come with free change and cancellation policies), so there's no down side to snagging a deal right now. Here are 10 potential trips to start planning now, plus my daily giveaway to help small businesses around the country!
  • How to Help Online Businesses During COVID-19 - Online shops are fine right now, right? Nothing to worry about. Their whole business is online anyway!
  • How to Be Social from a Distance: COVID-19 - Introverts! Please put your book down and check on your extroverted friends. They are not okay!
  • COVID-19: How to Support Local Restaurant Small Businesses - Oh, Coronavirus. Will you ever go away? Everyone is feeling the pressure these days, but none as much as the small businesses. Restaurants everywhere, or every size, are taking a hit, but the local places we all love are feeling it most of all. But we can help! Did you participate in #TakeOutTuesday?
  • COVID-19: How to Support Boutiques in Small Business - Boutiques! Charming boutique shops range from clothing to home decor to jewelry and more, and they have popped up absolutely everywhere. Boutiques aren't new, but they have defintiely become all the rage---and they need our help right now to keep going!
  • COVID-19: How to Support Bloggers in Small Business - We all want to support small businesses and entrepreneurs because we have made this incredible cultural shift recently where small businesses are in the spotlight. But right now, they all need your help. That includes boutiques, hair salons, coffee shops, and... bloggers!
  • COVID-19: Virtual Tours All Around the World - We are so fortunate these days because we don't have to be alone in isolation. We can have food delivered right to our door. We can take tours from all over the world! Here are some of the best of the best! Take a look, take a tour!
  • COVID-19: One Experience Flying within the U.S. - So, most people are not flying right now, and with good reason! My most recent flight was on Sunday, March 1, from Burlington (BVT) to Dulles (IAD), ten days before the panic and hysteria, and before the travel restrictions were put in place. However, I know many people have had to fly during this weird flux time, and experiences range from heavy testing and "holding pen" type situations, to chaotic and confusing.
  • COVID-19: How to Handle the Stress in Quarantine - From panic to mass hysteria, from homeschooling to working from home, we're all living life a little bit differently. We are also handling stress a little bit differently, and some of us are really struggling. So here are my top 10 ways to fight stress in quarantine, plus a giveaway for you at the end!
  • COVID-19: Pro Tips to Work Well from Home - Those of us who work from home regularly know that it can be challenging, but I'm about to reveal my very best work-from-home secrets to help you be more productive. And I'm giving away something amazing in this post, too, so keep reading!
  • COVID-19 and the Glad Game - My blog traffic is down about 60% (and dropping), I will probably not make it into D.C. to see the cherry blossoms this year, and my first ever press trip has been postponed at a date TBD. However, I am finding so many things to be glad about. So to cheer us all up, here are a few! What would you add?
  • 2020 Summer Travel Reading List - I'm giving you my summer reading list early this year! Social distancing doesn't mean you can't make friends with characters in books or escape to faraway times in a book.
  • COVID-19: What to Do Without Travel (for a Little While) - For those of us who use travel for stress-management, self-care, or a huge reward for our hard work, the thought of not traveling at all or being required to stay in quarantine for 14 days is alarming at the very least! So to alleviate your anxiety, here are a few things you can do to survive without travel---it's just temporary. We can do it!
  • COVID-19: Why I’m STILL Not Panicking - Call it panic, call it hysteria, call it overkill, it's not good for anyone. So, as a traveler, a people person, and a human being, here are my top 10 reasons I'm still not panicking about Coronavirus. Haven't started panicking yet, won't start now!
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