Lost and Found Series

Sadie Taylor has never taken a vacation in the six years she’s been a proofreader with an editing firm in Nashville. She’s a hard worker, an exemplary employee, and thanks to the new owners of her firm, she has to use all 480 of her roll-over vacation hours by the end of the year—in seven months!

  • Home Lost and Found

    Home Lost and Found

    Did you get my latest e-book for FREE yet? If not, you should sign up for my newsletter now! This is my first-ever book series, and I’m letting my faithful newsletter subscribers get it first–and FREE! The books always go to Kindle and paperback via Amazon, but I like to reward my friends and readers!…

  • Confidence Lost and Found

    Confidence Lost and Found

    Here’s the scoop on Book 6 in the Lost and Found series and how you can get it!

  • Friendship Lost and Found

    Friendship Lost and Found

    This time she’s exploring beautiful Stowe, Vermont, at peak fall foliage. Except, there’s a problem… she’s not traveling solo this time.

  • Grace Lost and Found

    Grace Lost and Found

    Despite reassurances that her job will still be there when she gets back, she’s finding it hard to enjoy her trip. Will she see it through or go home early? Will Sadie crumble like a burnt pie crust, or will Savannah teach her how to show herself a little grace?

  • American Lost and Found

    American Lost and Found

    It’s finally here! And this one is perhaps my favorite so far. It’s set in my adopted home town: Washington, D.C.! The third installment of Sadie Taylor’s Lost and Found adventure is out for early release!

  • Summer Lost and Found

    Summer Lost and Found

    Last month Sadie visited exotic Kauai, Hawaii–her first vacation ever! This month’s book will take you to the beautiful, friendly, island of Nantucket!

  • Paradise Lost and Found

    Paradise Lost and Found

    I did it! I published a book. I needed a little escape, and I thought others might need a little bit of a break, too.

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