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What I Ate in Australia

It’s everyone’s favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! Today I feel like going Down Under to one of my favorite places: Australia! This was a very special trip for me because my then-boyfriend (now husband) knew I’d always wanted to go to Australia, and took me there for my 28th birthday! We saw and Opera at the Sydney Opera House, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, held a koala, fed a kangaroo, and swam at the Great Barrier Reef! Talk about a trip of a lifetime!


This is not a well-rounded breakfast sampling, so I apologize for that. What I do not apologize for is my recommendation not to use Vegemite like you would jam or butter. It’s salty, it’s gross, and it’s meant to be used in much smaller amounts than this! If I’d only known… but now you won’t make the same mistake! The coffee and cheese pastries above were excellent, though!


So adventurous! I tried the exotic meats sampling at Kuranda Koala Gardens, and it was both interesting and delightful! The emu meat was my favorite because it was the most tender. I recommend it! Steve and I both love seafood, so it’s no surprise we also enjoyed a seafood pizza (or two) and barramundi (white fish) burgers during our trip.


One could say we enjoy seafood! Australia apparently has massive prawns. Even the chopped up ones on the pizza were huge! I didn’t even mind that oftentimes they still had eyeballs. And yes, kangaroos are cute, but they’re also yummy.


Is it a brownie? Is it pudding? Who can tell? No one cares what it is because it tastes amazing! And is that a whole candied pear on top of ice cream covered in hot fudge? It absolutely is. I think I was supposed to share that with Steve, but I’m not a great share-er when it comes to amazing desserts!

What did I miss? What needs to go on the list for the next Australian Extravaganza?

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