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What to Eat on Guam

It’s What I Ate Wednesday and Guam week! Parrot fish, coconut iced coffee, and SUSHI await! Who’s hungry?


Eggs are a big part of breakfast in most places in America, but islanders really know how to dress them up! Fried rice, gravy, hamburger steak, ham and cheese stuffed in French toast, seafood–you name it, they’ve got it!


I love coffee! And especially iced coffee in a tropical paradise. With the 15 hour time difference between Guam and the East Coast, needless to say I needed a boost to get me through the first few days! I even indulged in some fun flavors like Snickers and coconut macadamia!


There was no shortage of seafood on the island, and we enjoyed it all! Turbot is a native white fish, so it was a common feature on menus. Since Guam was a frequent stopover for Spanish ships bound for Mexico and the Philippines for three centuries, Spanish spices and meats like chorizo are commonly on menus. One surprise was the Island Poutine–something you’d find in Canada, but not the States! The picture on the bottom right is Shrimp Kelaguen, which was sort of like a Chamorro shrimp salad!


Again with the seafood! My sweet husband lets me have sushi and sashimi every night when we go on trips to the islands, and sometimes at lunch, too! The photo on the bottom is take out from a shrimp restaurant near our hotel. That’s chimichurri shrimp, shrimp egg rolls, and shrimp Caesar salad!

Dessert–my favorite!

I love dessert! The taro root desserts (the purple ones) were awesome, and I’ve only ever seen taro anything on Pacific islands! An Asian-influenced ingredient is green tea, or matcha, so that’s what the green cake roll is in the top right corner. The cinnamon rolls were the biggest I’d ever seen–at least as big as my head! I didn’t have one, but it was worth taking a picture of! I found the chocolate covered banana chips at a local chocolate shop in the Chamorro Village near our hotel. I had to eat it fast because it was melting quickly!

So what do you think? Ready to eat your way through Guam yet?

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