The Best Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys

Of all my favorite desserts in the world, Key Lime Pie is certainly one of my top three! So, while we spent a whole week in the Florida Keys for our anniversary, I took full advantage of the fact that some form of it was on every single menu! Here are the best Key Lime Pies in the Florida Keys, according to me. What’s your favorite?

Sundowners: Key Largo

What more can you ask for besides friendly service, incredible Key Lime Pie, and a sunset view over the water? This restaurant’s version of the iconic dessert is a different texture than you might expect. It’s sort of between the texture of cheesecake and a thick custard. The crust was soft and basically melted in my mouth—I am not a fan of dry, crunch crusts, so this was perfect! But the meringue really took the proverbial cake for me. It was light and fluffy, with just the right amount of sweet!

The Sundowners
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Sal’s Ballyhoo’s: Key Largo

When I read on the menu that their’s was voted the “Best Key Lime Pie in the Keys,” I thought, “Everyone says that about their own pie! Who voted on that?” But then I tasted it. It really might be the best! Their meringue was a little flat, but the crust was delicious, the Key lime custard was smooth and sweet, and how can you go wrong topping it all with a mountain of meringue?

The Sal
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Lorelei’s Cabana: Islamorada

This one was fun and different! It was whipped, and then frozen like ice cream. We had to eat it fast, since it was a hot afternoon and started to melt quickly, but who am I kidding? I eat desserts fast anyway! It was topped with whipped cream instead of meringue, which I didn’t mind too much, and then drizzled with a mango sauce for an ultra-tropical twist. The crust was more like a cookie than a pie cust, and I was totally there for it!

Frozen, yet fluffy!
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Burdine’s Waterfront: Marathon

In another unique twist, Burdine’s in Marathon was also whipped, but not frozen like the previous one. The crust was made of graham crackers and walnuts, with a cinnamon-sugar mix in it, too. It was lighter than air, but in the best way possible. I didn’t even miss the meringue or whipped cream to top it off–it was that good all on its own!

Burdine’s–also frozen, extra yummy
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Moon Dog Cafe: Key West

This is definitely a controversial statement, but this was my favorite Key Lime Pie in Key West! You know why? The meringue. It wasn’t full of air bubbles; it was thick and almost silky. It was lightly toasted, too, not torched all over. The Key Lime part was a well-balanced sweet-tartness, and the crust was the perfect complement to the rest. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to have another slice!

Lightly toasted, heavily meringued.
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Blue Heaven: Key West

What can I say? I like a little Key Lime Pie with my meringue! Blue Heaven is famous for it’s mountain of meringue, which is evenly torched all the way around. And look at how neatly it slices. There was no caving in at the point of the slice. It was perfect. Oh, and the Key Lime layer was pretty good, too! It’s a “must” eat when in Key West! But get there early. They sell out!

The tallest, most perfect meringue in the land.
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Not a fan of Key Lime Pie? What’s your favorite dessert?

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