The Best Local Coffee Shops in the USA

I’m a local girl at heart. I grew up in a small town, and while I’ve lived in the big city for nearly 15 years and traveled to nearly 50 countries, I still always seek out the local spots. Whether it’s food, clothing, jewelry, or experiences, I want something I can only get there, you know? 

The same goes for coffee! One of the first things I search for when planning a trip is the local coffee scene. So, here are the best local coffee joints in the United States. Check them out next time you’re in town! 

Great decor means great coffee!

Rokabilly Coffee: Carthage, TN

My hometown has needed a local coffee shop for years, and while a couple have come and gone in the past, my friends at Rokabilly have finally found the right combination of timing, know-how, and location! You’ll find this place (with a line out the door) right on Main Street, next to a beautiful historic hotel, inside a former jewelry store.

Their seasonal offerings are always on-point, and I love that they have “big city” options like apple cider vinegar concoctions, oatmilk, and interesting flavor combos that are maybe not “safe” for a small-town coffee shop, and yet they are absolutely thriving! They just opened in August, and within weeks, the owners had to hire several people just to manage all the customers and orders coming in! I love it!

One of their world-famous cinnamon rolls and a White Christmas Latte!
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Coffee Tree Roasters: Pittsburgh, PA

This local Pittsburgh chain is one of the best reasons to visit the city! The people here are always friendly, always patient with me (I love to create unique flavor combinations from their long list!), and always make me want to stay a while! I love their comfy couches, and the location close to my mother-in-law’s house has the best set up with a real fireplace. Their seasonal drinks are always different—not just season to season, but year to year—and it’s the perfect place to stop for a coffee fix on a walking date with my sweet husband. 

Don’t miss their locally-made pastries, cookies, and more to go with your coffee!
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Keys Coffee Co.: Key West, FL

This is not just a favorite for coffee, I also adore their breakfast sandwiches! The real winner, though, is the frozen cafe con leche. It’s the perfect thing to start your morning at the Southernmost city in the continental United States, and it’s maybe my favorite coffee beverage in the whole world. That’s saying something!

Always get iced–they use coffee ice cubes!
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Cuban Coffee Queen: Key West, FL

Yep, Key West has two coffee shops I love, so I couldn’t choose just one! If you’ve been Googling anything about Key West, this coffee shop has certainly popped up! They have an awesome mural, some of the best Cuban sandwiches, and strong coffee to help you “do stupid things faster!” True coffee connoisseurs and social coffee drinkers like myself can all find something here!

Don’t miss their iconic mural!
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Mudleaf Coffee: Plano, TX

On my last morning visiting my friend Jill, she took me to Mudleaf. It’s very hipster and cool, and I love that they had unique seasonal options! I’d never had hazelnut and cardamom in coffee before, so that was a fun treat! If you’re looking for a cool coffee shop with fun options (and good food, too), stop in here!

Hazelnut and Cardamom Latte
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The Coffee House at Second and Bridge: Franklin, TN

This coffee shop in the heart of historic downtown Franklin is amazing! Set up in an old home, they have offerings for breakfast, lunch, and supper, as well as coffee. Everything about it bids you to sit and stay a while, from their people to their front porch with a swing. 

The perfect thing to brighten up a chilly, spring morning!
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Misha’s Coffeehouse and Roaster: Alexandria, VA

If you ask an Alexandrian where to get coffee in Old Town, the response will overwhelmingly be Misha’s. It’s been around basically forever, and that’s because they’re the best. It’s a local favorite that also welcomes first-timers, and because they roast their own beans, all you have to do is follow your nose!

The classic Micha’s cup is easy to spot!
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Island Vintage: Waikiki, HI

Okay, Waikiki is nuts with its hoards of people, but every time we’ve been, I’ve been excited to visit Island Vintage! They have multiple locations, but the one on Waikiki is the one I’ve visited multiple times. Be ready to wait in line, but you’ll forget all that when you taste their Banana Kona Frozen Mocha and the peanut butter and mango sandwich!

Post-run Banana Kona Mocha
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Goddess and the Baker: Chicago, IL

Wow, y’all! I absolutely loved this place on our recent trip to Chicago. The decor, the vibe, the coffee, the food, all of it was top-notch and fun! I normally have a “no returns” policy when it comes to restaurants on travel, but I was excited to be here all three times I stopped in! The best part was their seasonal specials. I was there in fall, so I enjoyed a pumpkin-apple butter latte, maple and sage latte, and invented my own combo: a maple mocha. I already can’t wait to go back to Chicago just to be here again!

Maple Sage Latte for me and a Cappucchino for Steve
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Cafe du Monde: New Orleans, LA

Okay, it’s the “touristy” thing to do–but that’s part of the fun! And truly, I do love their cafe au lait. I’m a fan of chickory in my coffee, and when it’s paired with a beignet? It’s heavenly! This is one event that’s worth the hype, my coffee-enthusiast friends.

Cafe au Lait and Beignets!
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Paramount Cafe: Cheyenne, WY

This is such an elegant and cool coffee spot! It’s in an old theater, and the feel of the place is incredible. I just love seeing old buildings turned around and given new life, and this coffee shop has done a great job of that. When my friend moved to Wyoming, I knew I needed to visit, but I didn’t know what to expect. Let’s just say I was very pleasantly surprised!

I’m so glad we popped in here!

Savannah Coffee Roasters: Savannah, GA

This coffee shop was highly recommended by a local friend, and she definitely led me in the right direction! I love supporting local businesses in all the cities I visit, but perhaps I appreciate their efforts most in the South. This coffee roaster has been around for over 100 years, so you know they’re doing something right. They have everything from humongous pastries to incredible, house-roasted coffee. I had a fun flavored latte!

Even their to-go cups are special!

Have a favorite where you live? Leave a comment to share some local love! And don’t forget to check out all my coffee-centric posts on my World Foods Page, too!

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