The Best Places to Eat in Cheyenne, WY

Updated April 12, 2022.

Who’s hungry?! If you are, then Cheyenne is the place to go. With tons of locally-owned restaurants and friendly people, you won’t leave hungry and you won’t leave angry! Here’s a peek at what I ate when I went up to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to visit my friends Amanda and Brock! 

Senator Steakhouse at Terry Bison Ranch

I flew into Denver because that is the closest major airport to Cheyenne, and my friend Amanda kindly picked me up. I found this place on Trip Advisor and thought it would be a convenient spot to get lunch on our way to Cheyenne, since it’s just across the Colorado-Wyoming border and just off the Interstate. We couldn’t have made a better choice!

Not only do they have an amazing steakhouse restaurant, they also have camels, miniature horses, ostriches, bison, and so much more to see on the ranch! We both got the Ranch Hand Randy burger, and it was definitely the right way to start the trip! 

Ranch Hand Randy Bison Burger with bacon and cheddar, house BBQ sauce, and “tumbleweed” onions! Served with sweet potato fries and a caramel dipping sauce!
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Rib and Chop House

This was on the upscale side of things, and if you really want to eat here on a busy night, you might need a reservation! Amanda’s husband Brock joined us, and we all got something completely different! 

My Crab and Shrimp Avocado Salad: crab, prawns, citrus aioli, tomatoes, avocado, and boiled egg on a bed of arugula salad
Amanda’s Stuffed Potato with Pulled Pork (not pictured, variety of barbecue sauces). She’s really the only one who got the “right” thing at the rib and chop house: meat and potatoes!
Brock’s Fish and Chips: extra vinegar, no tartar sauce (man after my own heart). He said it was great because he could tell it was house-made!
Brock and Amanda both got the Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce, and they both raved about how incredible it was! The closest thing to New York Cheesecake outside of New York, they said!
This is a Pecan Meltaway. Honestly it was a little heavy on the whipped cream and a little light on the cookie and caramel crust! Lots of ice cream in there, though, which was a positive!
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Epic Egg

Epic is the right word for this breakfast spot. Amanda had been on the hunt for a great breakfast place she and her family can go to every week, and we think we found it! Their menu is huge and truly seemed to have something for absolutely everyone, so even if you have a picky eater in your party, they will definitely be able to find something they like! 

Here again, Amanda got the right thing: Cinnamon Bun Pancakes! Buttermilk pancakes, vanilla cream, candied pecans, and a brown sugar glaze. Epic? I think so!
Mediterranean Omelette with Croissant: 3-egg omelette with artichoke, tomato, spinach, turkey, and goat cheese; comes with quinoa cakes, but I love croissants, so the kind lady taking our order switched it out for me!
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Paramount Cafe

This is such an elegant and cool coffee spot! It’s in an old theater, and the feel of the place is incredible! I just love seeing old buildings turned around and given new life, and this coffee shop has done a great job of that.

My Cupcake Latte and Amanda’s Iced Butterbeer Latte!
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Ruby Juice

This is a great spot for a quick, lite lunch while taking in all that Cheyenne has to offer. We had plenty of ground to cover and wanted something on the go, so this was an easy choice. They have any combination of fruit and juice smoothies you could possibly want, and they have actual food, too! 

Guava Berry Smoothie with Protein added
Warm Pizza Pretzel
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The Crooked Cup

This place has the world’s most perfect pick-me-up! Having just come off a trip to the UK and then jetting over a couple more time zones to Wyoming, my body clock was a little confused! The fun coffees here come in any combination you can dream up, but most of the work has been done for you because the owner really knows what he’s doing! He’s got some incredible combos already there for you. 

Amanda’s Crooked Bumblebee: honey, vanilla, brown sugar, and cinnamon latte
My Crooked Pearl: lavender, almond, and white mocha
Zoom in for all their fun combos!
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Accomplice Beer Company

I’ll be honest, this was not our favorite place to eat. The pizza was ok, but the service was slow, and there were kind of a lot of rules for how to order! I’ll let you judge for yourself, but I always want to share my honest experiences! 

Amanda’s Veggie-Alfredo Pizza: Mozzarella, Parmesean, and Romano cheeses; roasted mushrooms, oven-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and arugula
My “Kinda” Hawaiian Pizza: San Marzano sauce, spicy sriracha, mozzarella, prosciutto, and pineapple salsa
Brownie with vanilla ice cream and raspberry preserves
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Luxury Diner

It’s a bit off the beaten path and it’s kind of on the small side, but this is definitely one of the best places to eat in Cheyenne! The service was friendly, the food was filling (and oh so good!), and they literally have the biggest cinnamon roll I’ve ever seen! It’s only $7, but it’s basically a whole pan of large cinnamon rolls all rolled up into one, icing included! They go through four dozen per week—-that’s 48 HUGE cinnamon rolls! 

Pierogis: fried instead of steamed or boiled, but still delicious! The lemon pepper seasoning on them is out of this world!
Amanda’s Bean Burrito with Homefries and Green Chili Sauce
Farmer’s Benedict: sourdough toast, sauteed spinach, tomatoes, shaved ham, melted Swiss cheese, two poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce, served with hashbrowns
The Biggest Cinnamon Roll Known to Man! Ok, so I didn’t eat this, but I couldn’t resist getting a photo! This is in a 9×9 square container. It’s literally a pan of cinnamon rolls in one!
Don’t blink because you’ll miss it! But it’s the #1 restaurant in Cheyenne for a reason!

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