How to Dine at the Exclusive Latitudes Restaurant in Key West

There are two kinds of people in the world: Foodies like my entire biological family, and non-foodies like my husband! On Steve’s and my trip to Key West in January, I had heard about Latitudes over on Sunset Key, and the experience of it piqued my interest–taking a ferry, dining on a private island, the romance of it all. But it was not something I was going to make my husband do!

However, when we went back with my parents a few months later, I know we had to make the effort to dine there! My dad is a major foodie (food is his love language), and my mom appreciates good food, too. So I made a reservation for the four of us and started doing a little research. There’s actually a lot to know, but I was surprised to find that the information really isn’t on their website, or anywhere online for that matter. But it is now! Here’s how to have an epic meal at Latitudes, just off the coast of Key West.

Know Before You Go

These are the things you might not know until it’s too late! You’re welcome.

It’s Not Actually on Key West

This restaurant is located on nearby Sunset Key. You can see it from Mallory Square, and you’ll take a ferry from Key West to Sunset Key (more details below). If you want to stay on Sunset Key, there are accommodation on the island at Sunset Key Cottages!

Sunset Key is in a world of its own!

Reservations are Required

That’s for every meal–breakfast, lunch, and dinner! You can call the restaurant or make your reservation here on Open Table. I spoke to a very kind woman at the restaurant who answered all my questions about dining there, and she let me know how far in advance they recommend you make your reservations:

  • Breakfast: At least one to two weeks in advance.
  • Lunch: At least one month in advance.
  • Dinner: At least two months in advance.

And, like most things: The earlier the better!

Latitudes from the Water
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Your Reservation Time is Your Ferry Time

When you make your reservation, the time you choose is the time your ferry leaves the terminal, not your dining time. You’ll want to arrive 5-10 minutes before your reservation time to check in. If you miss your scheduled ferry, you can take the next one, but the ferry only runs every half hour.

Once you arrive, it’s like you’re a world away!
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Ferry Location and Parking

Where’s the ferry? It’s behind the restaurant’s sister property, Opal Key West Resort and Marina. The address 245 Front Street in Key West, and parking is complimentary for restaurant guests. Just bring your parking ticket with you to the restaurant to have it validated.

This is the ferry slip you’ll want: Slip 29.
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Dress Code

The dress code is “resort casual.” That means dressy, but relaxed and beachy. For men, a collared shirt (polo or button-down) and khaki shorts are acceptable, but flip flops are not. For women, that means a sun dress with not too much cleavage, or perhaps linen pants and a collared shirt with sandals or close-toed shoes.

Everyone should avoid jeans and t-shirts. I don’t know that you’ll be turned away if you break the dress code, but it’s usually best not to stand out too much! Click here for a helpful article.

My parents looked so adorable for our breakfast double date!
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What to Eat

Here’s the good stuff! We chose to have breakfast at Latitudes because my parents are both fans of lobster Benedict. To help you decide which meal you’d like and what you might be ordering, take a look at their menus here!


I love iced coffee. But you know what I love more? A fun latte in a fancy glass, complete with rock candy for sugar! My mom picked best–the latte was hers!

Mom’s Latte and My Iced Coffee
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The primary reason we chose to have breakfast at Latitudes was their lobster Benedict! It was a clear winner, as you can see below. My dad has a special affinity to smoked salmon, so when he saw the smoked salmon Benedict on the menu, he knew that was the one for him. All their breakfast entrees came with stir-fried potatoes, onions, and peppers, plus ketchup.

Mom’s Lobster Benedict
Dad’s Smoked Salmon Benedict
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I chose the Latitudes Omelette, which came with my choice of fillings ranging from meats and cheeses to veggies of all sorts. It also came with a side of toast. I enjoy an omelette–especially if I didn’t have to make it!

Bacon, Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Omelette with Potatoes and Wheatberry Bread
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Shrimp, Sausage, and Chorizo Burrito

Steve got the breakfast burrito, which came with eggs, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and of course, shrimp, sausage, and chorizo! Sides included fresh fruit and potatoes as well.

Need more foodie experience ideas? Check out my World Foods Page! And for all my Florida Keys posts, including more on Key West, take a look at my United States Page!

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23 responses to “How to Dine at the Exclusive Latitudes Restaurant in Key West”

  1. Thanks for the information – glad I saw your article about making reservations months in advance. We will be in Key West in April and was able to get a reservation (not the time I wanted, but it will work).

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! That’s why I do what I do. Enjoy your meal! 🙌

  2. Very informative and helpful information! Thank you for sharing!

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      You are so welcome! I hope you enjoy your meal here!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on this awesome place. Headed to Key West in September and this “foodie” is looking forward to lunch.

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      You are so welcome! You will love it, and I’m glad the post was helpful!

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  5. Thank you for the information. I appreciate the confirmation of where the ferry is located. You are absolutely correct, this info is not available on the restaurant’s website.

    1. I’m so glad this was helpful! If you’ve already been, I hope you enjoyed it! If you haven’t been yet, have a great time when you do!

  6. Hi we are in Key West this April and wish to book, could you please let me know the cost of the Ferry? Thanks 😊

    1. When we went the ferry was included in our reservation at the restaurant!

  7. Is the ferry to Latitudes restarant wheelchair accessible?

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      Great question! I do not remember. Give them a call so they can confirm for you!

  8. Hi! did you have to pay for the ferry ride if you have reservations?

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      Nope! The ferry ride is part of your reservation!

  9. You can also put on alerts on OpenTable and they’ll notify you if a reservation becomes available. That’s how we got our reservation!

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      Great tip!

  10. Colleen Winkler Avatar
    Colleen Winkler

    Thank you. We are going to Key West July 8th. This was so helpful. We actually got a reservation for dinner. The timing was perfect on Open Table 👏. Much appreciation

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      I’m so glad, and you are more than welcome! Have fun and enjoy!

  11. How long does it take the ferry to get out there? For instance, if you want a table during sunset at 5:40 pm, should you book the 4:45 or 5:15 pm ferry? Thanks

    1. Your reservation time is your ferry time! So if you want a sunset dinner, make the 4:45pm reservation, and that is when you’ll take the ferry. It’s about a 10 minute ride.

  12. My reservation is 1.45, what time do I need to get the ferry please. Thank you

    1. I do not work for the restaurant. However, your reservation time for the restaurant is actually your reservation time for the ferry. Be at the ferry a few minutes before 1:45.

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