What to Eat in Sydney

Updated June 24, 2020.

Are you ready to dine Down Under? Here’s a sneak peek at what we ate on our recent trip to one of our favorite cities in the world: Sydney, Australia! We had two long layovers here—one on the way to New Zealand and another on the way back—and it was just enough to whet my appetite… until next time!


Sydney is replete with great cafes and coffee shops, and my sweet husband’s Marriott status got us into their executive lounge for the breakfast buffet, too! I love to start with a hearty breakfast because I’m usually far too busy seeing sights and having fun to stop in the middle for lunch at noon. I need something that will last me until at least 2:00pm!

Ham and Cheese Croissants
Breakfast buffet fare! Pancakes, fruit salad, sausage, tomato, smoked herring

Coffee and Sweets

Speaking of coffee shops and cafes… They are my absolute weakness!

Apple butter turnover with Belgian chocolate dipping sauce
Australians make the presttiest fancy coffees!
No, I didn’t et them all… I just wanted to!
Latte and an Espresso Eclair. Who could choose? Who would want to when you can have both?!


By the time we did stop for lunch, we were quite hungry! Walking the sights will do that to a body! We found this great place called World Peas in downtown, and we squeaked in just in time to have lunch at the Sea Salt Cafe on the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. Good thing, too—it was the only place to eat for miles!

It may have been winter, but a smoothie really hit the spot after over 17 hours on a plane!
My Love’s yogurt and homemade granola, plus bacon mac and cheese. I had a bit. It was great!
Avocado BLT, and lots of fruity hydration—good for the body after flights!
Crab fettuccine. Maybe not the most Australian dish, but certainly one of the best tasting!
Cheeseburger and “chips” with “tomato sauce.” They grossly underestimated how much this American girl loves her ketchup!


Somehow I only got one picture of supper, but it was a good one! This was our first night in Sydney on the way to New Zealand, and we were trying our hardest to stay up until the sun went down! We couldn’t pull ourselves out of the room after going in to freshen up, so we indulged in room service and decided to split our ultimate comfort foods: a burger and pizza!

Pizza and burger… we couldn’t help ourselves!

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