What to Eat in Scandinavia

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re eating our way through Scandinavia. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are the official Scandinavian countries, but sometimes the Nordic countries of Iceland and Finland are lumped in as well. Since I haven’t been to Iceland or Finland just yet, here’s what we ate on our honeymoon through Denmark, Norway, and Sweden!


One of the things I found I loved most about Scandinavia is fish for breakfast! One of our hotels in Norway had an incredible buffet, so we got to try quite the variety. I tried my hardest to find a Danish in Denmark, but in the two days we were there would you believe I didn’t find even just one? I “settled” for a chocolate croissant.

Yum, right? The cheeses, smoked salmon, herring of all varieties, and several other things I couldn’t identify were exactly what we needed to sustain us through days of exploring on foot!


Europeans are not afraid of carbs, and I’m always so thankful! Scandinavia has a thing for open-faced sandwiches, like the one pictured above. They also give it at every meal, as an appetizer if not a side for your entree. Yum! I think there’s something about European flour as well. European bread tastes different from American-made bread (or Asian bread, or South American bread). Must be something in the soil. Anyway, when you go to Europe, always eat the bread! I even know of a few people with gluten intolerance who can eat the bread in Europe.


Because sometimes you need a pick-me-up in the afternoon:

I am always game for a coffee and a sweet, and sometimes Steve joins me! But even if he doesn’t he’s always willing to sit with me and watch me enjoy it! I don’t even remember what all these things were, but I know my coffees are almost always a latte, and my sweets are always worth it!


This is where things got a little crazy…

Delicious, yes? Believe me, it was! We stayed in Sweden three days, so I justified trying the Swedish meatballs from two different restaurants, I had to show you the pink rhubarb bread, and yes, I ate Rudolph’s second cousin. The reindeer was delicious!


I cannot pass up dessert in a foreign land. I can’t do it.

My favorite of the above assortment was definitely the Cloudberry trio. Isn’t that a fun name? “Cloudberry!”

Does this make you want to visit Scandinavia? Make you want to run away? Could you eat reindeer if it was on the menu? Comment below!

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