Travel Planning

Overwhelmed with travel planning? No worries! Just do a little light reading here first!

Planning a Trip

  • The Most Common Packing Mistakes (and how to avoid them) - It's the thing everyone has to do: Packing!
  • Everything You Need to Know About Booking with a Travel Agent - Sometimes working with a travel agent is best! Here's why.
  • The Most Common Mistakes When Planning Travel (and how to avoid them!) - Here's my list of common travel mistakes and how to avoid them in your future travel planning!
  • How to Be Your Own Travel Advocate - I'm about to blow your mind with travel advice that's also life advice. These two little tidbits will get you through some rough patches, help you think outside the box (or travel outside the suitcase!), and keep you from being disappointed in many situations---travel or no travel!
  • How to Be a Prepared Traveler - Travel is tons of fun for a lot of reasons, including its unpredictability! No one can possibly plan for every need, every scenario, every possible thing that could go wrong.
  • 5 Essentials for International Travel - You bought cute new clothes and you hope those new shoes will be worn in by the time you leave. And then you start to panic.
  • Travel Mistakes (You May Be Making) - No one likes to be corrected--perhaps especially not me! But no one also likes to do the wrong things--perhaps especially when traveling and being outside of what is familiar.
  • How to Plan a Trip - Sometimes when people find out I'm a travel blogger, they get delight in their eyes, smile like they were just given a puppy, and ask, "Do you plan travel for people?!"
  • Ultimate Pre-travel Checklist - This week I'm filling you in on some travel tips most people may not think about--the stuff you should do before you leave, so you don't have to deal with them when you come home from a trip!
  • How to Plan a Road Trip - Who's up for a road trip? We are! My husband Steve and I have a unique opportunity to travel a bit this month. We don't need to accrue any more money or mileage for next year's airline status, so we decided to take a road trip from Washington, D.C., to Jacksonville, FL.

Planning Group Travel

  • What to Do When Your Travel Buddy Drops Out - Today's post is all about what to do when you "accidentally" end up traveling solo, but first things first: I'm going to be on a podcast today!
  • What to Know About Your Travel Buddy - I'd been traveling solo since I was 20 and thought I'd never look back, but then there I was, wishing I had someone with me.
  • How to Plan Travel with a Group - Someone recently asked for advice on planning travel for her family--three adult children between the ages of 19-25, one with special needs; a mother who loves to shop; a father 35 years older than the mother who loves history but has a hard time getting around, so hiking is not a good idea. That's a tough trip to plan! So I was inspired to write a blog post
  • 5 Reasons to Travel with Others - I recently wrote about the awesomeness of traveling on your own, but there are some definite benefits of traveling with other people, too!

Planning Flights

  • How to Find Cheap Flights - It's one of the most common questions any travel professional gets: "How can I find cheap flights?"
  • What to Do When You Miss Your Flight - It's the thing every traveler with a layover of any size dreads: a missed connection. It's the thing every perpetually late traveler dreads: a missed flight.
  • What to do When Your Flight is Cancelled - I'm sitting at an adorable coffee shop in the San Francisco airport (SFO) as I type this. I didn't anticipate having time to blog today, but something happened that is giving me plenty of time and blog-worthy material... our flight was cancelled!

Planning Accommodations

  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Hotel Rewards - Hotels can be the most expensive part of a vacation. Depending on the type of hotel and the length of your stay, you could be paying more for the hotel than for the plane ticket to get there! But there’s good news: hotel rewards!
  • Legendary Hotels of the World - If you've read my post about how to choose accommodations, you know the most stressful part of travel for me is choosing hotels! But the fact of the matter is simple: you have to stay somewhere.
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Vacation Rentals - Have you started using vacation rentals instead of traditional hotels yet? My sweet husband and I have finally bounded into the 21st century and gotten on board with vacation rentals!
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Accommodations - Stop muddling through accommodation websites and follow these guidelines to find your best sleeping solution when traveling.
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