Travel Planning

Overwhelmed with travel planning? No worries! Just do a little light reading here first!

Planning a Trip

  • 5 Essentials for International Travel - You bought cute new clothes and you hope those new shoes will be worn in by the time you leave. And then you start to panic.
  • Travel Mistakes (You May Be Making) - No one likes to be corrected--perhaps especially not me! But no one also likes to do the wrong things--perhaps especially when traveling and being outside of what is familiar.
  • How to Plan a Trip - Sometimes when people find out I'm a travel blogger, they get delight in their eyes, smile like they were just given a puppy, and ask, "Do you plan travel for people?!"
  • Ultimate Pre-travel Checklist - This week I'm filling you in on some travel tips most people may not think about--the stuff you should do before you leave, so you don't have to deal with them when you come home from a trip!
  • How to Plan a Road Trip - Who's up for a road trip? We are! My husband Steve and I have a unique opportunity to travel a bit this month. We don't need to accrue any more money or mileage for next year's airline status, so we decided to take a road trip from Washington, D.C., to Jacksonville, FL.

Planning Group Travel

  • What to Do When Your Travel Buddy Drops Out - Today's post is all about what to do when you "accidentally" end up traveling solo, but first things first: I'm going to be on a podcast today!
  • What to Know About Your Travel Buddy - I'd been traveling solo since I was 20 and thought I'd never look back, but then there I was, wishing I had someone with me.
  • How to Plan Travel with a Group - Someone recently asked for advice on planning travel for her family--three adult children between the ages of 19-25, one with special needs; a mother who loves to shop; a father 35 years older than the mother who loves history but has a hard time getting around, so hiking is not a good idea. That's a tough trip to plan! So I was inspired to write a blog post
  • 5 Reasons to Travel with Others - I recently wrote about the awesomeness of traveling on your own, but there are some definite benefits of traveling with other people, too!

Planning Flights

  • How to Find Cheap Flights - It's one of the most common questions any travel professional gets: "How can I find cheap flights?"
  • What to Do When You Miss Your Flight - It's the thing every traveler with a layover of any size dreads: a missed connection. It's the thing every perpetually late traveler dreads: a missed flight.
  • What to do When Your Flight is Cancelled - I'm sitting at an adorable coffee shop in the San Francisco airport (SFO) as I type this. I didn't anticipate having time to blog today, but something happened that is giving me plenty of time and blog-worthy material... our flight was cancelled!

Planning Accommodations

  • Legendary Hotels of the World - If you've read my post about how to choose accommodations, you know the most stressful part of travel for me is choosing hotels! But the fact of the matter is simple: you have to stay somewhere.
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Vacation Rentals - Have you started using vacation rentals instead of traditional hotels yet? My sweet husband and I have finally bounded into the 21st century and gotten on board with vacation rentals!
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Accommodations - Stop muddling through accommodation websites and follow these guidelines to find your best sleeping solution when traveling.
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