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What I Ate in Osaka

Originally published on 1 June 2006. This post is part of a series of e-mails I sent home about my first ever trip abroad–solo to Japan!

It’s What I Ate Wednesday, and today I have a very special edition as part of my Japan series: What I Ate in Osaka!

I seem to get the best responses to the pictures of my food, so here’s a little preview of pictures from my trvels so far this week!


This was at a Japanese Health food restaurant called “Natural Kitchen”. It’s multi-grain rice, mackerel, miso soup, white radish and carrots, and other root vegetable things, and of course oolong tea. Yum!

Snack time!

This was at a Chinese cafe in one of the Osaka train stations. It’s “Herbed Jellee with Mango and Mixed fruit” (watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, honeydew melon). The jellee that you can’t really see was black jell-o cubes. Didn’t taste like an herb to me, just jell-o. It was good, though! Many of you know how much I love fruit, but it’s VERY expensive here! This was a special teat.


Lunch yesterday, Clockwise from the yellow square at the bottom: egg, shrimp, salmon, tuna, another tuna, yellowtail, eggplant, eel (my new favorite!), and ginger. Center: the round orange stuff is salmon eggs with cucumber, the white thing above to the left is squid, and surf clam is the red and white thing to the right of the squid. We also had miso soup (surprise!).

I’m going back to Kyoto today and need to leave pretty soon, so I’ll have to save more details about my travels so far for when I get back. Stay tuned!

I got LOTS more postcards, so send more addresses! I love y’all. Say a prayer for me, if you will. God’s taking good care of me!

Love, Whit

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