What to Eat in Boston

Updated June 27, 2020.

Will travel for food! Boston has some pretty iconic eats, so on my recent getaway to “Beantown,” I had to try and eat them all! Well, except the baked beans. I have to save something for next time!

Post-6.9 Mile Run Refreshment Day 1

I scheduled a fantastic running tour through historic Boston for my first morning there, and by the time we finished, I was exceptionally thirsty! Solution:

Refueling to face the day!
Want to run in Boston? Take this tour for the best experience!

Breakfast Day 1

And after that long run, I needed some significant protein. My running guide, Brendan, recommended Clover Food Lab on School Street, and it did not disappoint! I got the “Impossible” Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich and Hibiscus Iced Tea. The impossible sausage is a vegetarian product that supposedly tastes like sausage. I did not taste the similarity, bit overall it was a hearty, protein-packed breakfast!

Filling and Refreshing

Lunch Day 1

What’s one thing you have to eat in Boston? Lobstah! And what’s the best way to enjoy your Bostonian lobster? It’s certainly up for debate, but personally, I enjoy a good lobster roll! This one came from Maine and Boston Lobster Company inside Quincy Market, and I threw in a mango juice, too!


Dinner Day 1

With only one real dinner opportunity, plus the fact that I was staying at the Omni Parker House, I had to have a dinner at the Parker House Restaurant! I had four Bostonian Classics:

Parker House Rolls
Clam Chowder (also: “chowdah”)
Boston Baked Schrod
The Original Boston Cream Pie

Breakfast Day 2

BLT on a bagel? With egg and cheese because it’s breakfast? Sign me up! With a fantastic iced coffee? Even better. This one came from Boston Comm Coffee Co., just a couple of blocks from historic Boston Common.

BLTCE: Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato with Egg and Cheese

Beverages Day 2

It was hot in Boston when I was there! I left my water bottle at home (whoops!), so I took advantage of the excuse to have a ton of teas, juices, coffees, and more beverages that I wouldn’t normally have! Aside from the beverages I had with the meals above, I enjoyed these refreshing choices:

New “Trenta” size Passion Tango Tea from Starbucks (30 ounces)
Iced Green Tea with Strawberry and Pomegranate from Ziggy’s Coffee
I went into a juice bar and quickly realized that I could not have any fresh-squeezed juice. Why? I’m allergic to carrot juice, and they juice all fruits and veggies through the same juicer! They offered to clean it, but I didn’t want them to take the time–there were people behind me ready to order! So I got this “Hint” water instead!
Crimson Tea from Sip Cafe at Leventhal Park
Ginger Peach Tea from Sweet Bakery on School Street. Don’t go here. This was the worst thing I drank the whole time!

Are you ready to eat your way through Boston? Tell me below! And find all the best all-American adventures on my United States Page!

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