What to Eat in Cambodia

Updated June 25, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re remembering Cambodian cuisine!


Let me just say I LOVE Asian breakfasts! Cambodia has some French influence, so it was a delightful surprise to find bread and croissants as part of our breakfast, along with juice and coffee. But the best part was the noodles with chicken! I had this each morning in Cambodia. When in Southeast Asia, eat the Asian food!


We were at the temples or in town just about every day we were in Siem Reap, Cambodia, so “street fare” was plentiful while restaurants were basically nonexistent! Our tuk-tuk driver was good at finding the best spots to stop for food, though. Rice is, of course, the typical staple, but the shrimp, chicken, pineapple, veggies, and sauces were what made the dishes distinctive! Best pineapple chicken… maybe ever. It was so good, I got it at two different places!


What’s the best snack in the world? A Cambodian iced mocha with whipped cream on top. The purple crazy straw is really what made it great, though! Take a look:



My travel buddy Tiffany was willing to be pretty adventurous with food, so that made suppertime even more fun! We enjoyed some sausages, a traditional fish dish called Fish Amok, prawns with Asian dipping sauce, and I got my first whole frogs! They were actually full of bones–eat at your own risk!


We know by now that I never leave out dessert. Check out the spread: to the left, an assortment of desserts from creme brûlée to various ice creams to passionfruit mousse surrounded by cut fruit to things I could not identify! To the right, banana fritters with caramel sauce, and my personal favorite, mango with stick rice!

Do you have a Cambodian favorite? Do these foods tempt you to go visit Cambodia sometime soon? Check out my Cambodia Page!

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