What to Eat in Singapore

Updated June 25, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re eating our way through a whirl-wind trip to incredible Singapore! My sweet husband and I like to visit Singapore because we get tons of frequent flier miles, and we love Asian food. So without further adieu, here’s what we ate in Singapore!

Asian Breakfast

I love noodles and dumplings for breakfast, my friends. I’ve also recently discovered congee, which is a rice porridge, typically savory, that can include chicken, beef, pork, prawns, etc. It’s a Chinese breakfast option, sort of like oatmeal in the States.

Noodles, veggies, dumplings, and tomago (egg omelet)
Noodles, veggies, shrimp, dumplings, and chicken congee in the upper right corner

Tropical Fruits

It is sometimes difficult to eat healthfully while traveling, but that’s not so in Singapore! This lovely bowl of fruit and a lovely orchid was waiting for us in our hotel room when we got back from a long walk to Mount Faber.


Street Food

Singapore is an eclectic mix of the world. Geographically, it’s Asian. Their official language is English because it was a British protectorate for a while. That’s definitely reflected in their food. Of course the Asian influence is strong, but so is the Western influence. The ciabatta pizza bread below was incredible–savory, soft, and delicious! Also, when we travel, we like to try locals foods most of the time. But sometimes you just want some comfort food. See the incredible pizza below!

Is it pizza? Is it an open-faced sandwich? It’s definitely pumpkin and ham, and it’s great!
Eel with rice and seasonings in the foreground, udon noodles in the background
Pizza time!

Boxed Breakfast

Our last morning in Singapore started early and was pretty rushed, our incredible hosts at the Four Seasons Singapore were kind enough to box up a breakfast for us two hours before the breakfast buffet was to start. We ate it at the airport, and it was probably the best experience we had the whole day!

Omelet with potatoes
So much fruit!


Singapore’s portions are not what I would call Asian-style. And after a long day of walking, these huge pieces of cake were just what we needed!

Caramel latte cake–it’s true!
Speculoos cookie cake

So that’s what we got to eat in Singapore! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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