The Best Places to Eat in Dubrovnik

Come hungry, eat often! That’s my travel foodie motto, and on our trip to Dubrovnik, we did just that. Between walking the City Walls and hiking up Mount Srd, we certainly kept ourselves hungry. We never ate a bad meal while visiting the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” and we learned something new from our Croatian Uber driver… Dubrovnik makes better pizza than Italy! (Just don’t tell your Italian friends.) Here are the best places we ate in Dubrovnik!

1836 Dubrovnik

Come for the view, stay for the food! This restaurant offers the best of both. Situated right outside Pile Gate (the main entrance to the Old City), you’ll want to get a table along the perimeter. You could have a view of Minceta Fort, the Old City Walls, the Adriatic Sea, Fort Lovrijenac, or a combination of all the above!

But don’t be deceived; this is not a view-only sort of place. The food is amazing, too! And the portions are large. I actually got two appetizers as my meal, thinking they’d both be small and I could sample a couple of different things. They were both entree-sized! I couldn’t pass up the buratta salad, and I was told the seafood risotto was not-to-be-missed. And I have to say, I enjoyed them both as much as I could!

Buratta Salad
Seafood Risotto
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Panorama Restaurant

Here’s another view for you! Panorama Restaurant sits at the top of Mount Srd, inside the Dubrovnik Cable Car station. Sit on the terrace if it’s not too cool or breezy, but even if you need to sit inside, you’ll still get that amazing view! Just for fun, and because I was feeling fancy, I ordered a Blueberry Sky mocktail, which was delicious!

The portion sizes here were not over-the-top, but they didn’t need to be because the quality was great. After a hike up the mountain (you could also take a cab or the aforementioned cable car), we were definitely ready for lunch, so Steve got the steak sandwich with fries, and I tried the gnudi, which was described as ricotta cheese gnocchi. It looked to be on the small side, but with the cream sauce, it kept me full for several more hours.

Gnudi (ricotta gnocchi)
Steak Sandwich and Fries
I love a good “mock”tail!
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Cafe Royal

What’s a trip to Europe without an afternoon coffee and dessert outing? I told Steve all I wanted to do one afternoon was to sit at a cafe and enjoy an iced coffee for a while, so we did! We found a table in the shade at Cafe Royal and ordered an iced coffee, which, to my delight, came with a scoop of ice cream! We also tried the Dubrovnik Rozata, which was similar to caramel flan. I’m not usually a flan fan, but this was more custard-y and less jello-y, and as a result, more enjoyable.

Dubrovnik Rozata
Iced cream coffee, anyone?
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If you’re looking for a grab-and-go option (those lengthy European-style meals can really cut into valuable sight-seeing time!), this is a great one. We stopped in about 3:30 in the afternoon to pick up something to have for supper in the room that evening (a strategy we love to use on travel). Places like this are easy to find in and around the Old City, and their options usually travel well and can be eaten hot or cold. I got the Burek pastry filled with spinach and cheese, and my husband chose the pizza calzone. We were both happy with our choices!

Grab-and-go at its best!
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Rajski Vrt

After a hike around Lokrum Island (all around!), we needed a little pick-me-up. We stopped into this little, open-air restaurant next to the monastery for a coffee date. First of all, the setting is spectacular. You’re surrounded by trees, with a view of the monastery ruins. And secondly, the service was friendly! Best of all, though, my iced coffee came with ice cream for the second time in our trip!

Perfect coffee date!
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Barracuda Pizzeria

On the Uber ride from the airport upon arrival, one of the first things our driver recommended was… Pizza! He told us that Croatia has the best pizza in the world. And since Croatia is right across the Adriatic from Italy, we thought that was a pretty gutsy thing to say! So, as you might imagine, we had to try it out.

Steve chose the Milanese (ironic) with ham and cheese, and I couldn’t pass up the Quattro Formaggi with mozzarella, gouda, gorgonzola, and Dutch Edam cheese. And actually, the pizzas were so large, we had some for lunch, leftovers for dinner, and finished them off for breakfast our last morning in town. FYI: This place is cash only!

This was some of the best pizza we ever ate!
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