What to Eat in Heidelberg

Updated June 26, 2020.

It’s everyone’s favorite: What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re specializing in pretzels and bratwurst from Heidelberg, Germany! Get ready to get hungry, my friends.


European cheeses, jams, and breads are incredible. They really do taste different from the American versions. I think it must be something in the soil that effects the grass and wheat. It’s delicious! I always let myself fully indulge in the bread, cheeses, and cold cuts in Europe!

Bread with jam and cheese, fruit, yogurt, and coffee
Fruit and yogurt, bread, cheese, cold cuts, and coffee
Pretzel with cheese for the early morning train!


Lunchtime! I usually like to have a big breakfast to fuel my day so I can skip lunch and enjoy a hearty supper around 4:00 or 5:00pm. But since Heidelberg is so compact, I knew I’d always be close enough to the shops and restaurants in town to grab a little something (or a big something) for lunch.

Pumpkin with turkey and risotto
Sausage and cheese flatbread

I seem to have this thing for pretzels!

Pretzel with salt and butter!


You know I need some treats when I travel! First stop: coffee. I typically shy away from American chains when I travel, but when I saw that Starbucks had a Lebkuchen latte (similar to gingerbread), I knew I couldn’t get that in the States. So I needed to try it in Germany!

Lebkuchen Latte!

And I stumbled upon a traditional German treat I knew nothing about: Rothenburg Snowballs! They are called Schneebälle in German, and they have been around for over 300 years! It’s like a ball of cookies covered in powdered sugar, and there are all varieties fillings and coatings to choose from these days. I chose a chocolate-covered one with vanilla-marzipan filling!



I mostly ate my suppers at the Christmas Market, but I made a point to have authentic goulash and spätzle while I was in Heidelberg. I found just the thing at a restaurant along the main street in Old Town.

Beef goulash with spaetzel!

Here’s a peek at an indulgent little supper I had at the Christmas Market:

Banana-nutella crepe!

Hungry for more? Check out last week’s What I Ate Wednesday all about Christmas Market foods! And check out my Germany Page and World Foods Page, too!

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