Food Trucks at the Silos

Updated June 25, 2020.

It’s a very special What I Ate Wednesday all about the incredible food trucks at the Magnolia Silos in Waco, TX! Chip, Joanna, and their team have really made Waco a destination, particularly with their Silos property–breakfast at the bakery, shopping during the day, lunch at the food trucks, games on the lawn, and even concerts and movies some nights! So what are the food trucks like at the Silos? Take a look!

Chuck’s Gourmet Popcorn

Yum! This amazing popcorn is portable or ready-to-eat, and it made for a great snack in the middle of the afternoon!

Comes in a variety of flavors, but Salted Caramel was our flavor of choice!

Common Grounds

They don’t offer their full menu here (but you can check it out on their South 8th Street location), however, you do have a choice of a variety of hot or cold coffees! It was just what I needed after a long drive from Austin and a great finish after a delicious Silos Baking Co. Cupcake!

Common Grounds Food Truck
Iced Coffee on a hot day!

Co-Town Crepes

This was Mom’s choice for lunch one day. They have a variety of sweet and savory crepes (including Tex-Mex inspired) for you to enjoy!

Co-Town Crepe Food Truck
Savory Crepes for lunch!

Hot Dog House

Great for kids and adults alike–everyone loves a hot dog! Get it how you love it from these friendly folks!

The Hot Dog House Food Truck
Hot dogs how you like them!

Club Sandwich

This is not what you think–it’s better! For some Asian-inspired food, this is your spot. I got the build your own rice bowl, with veggies, two kinds of meat, and an incredible sauce. I loved it!

Club Sandwich Food Truck
Lunch time! Build-your-own-bowl

900 Pizzeria

Craving a pizza? This is your spot! We could only eat so much ourselves, but we made some friends who got a couple of their pizza. Not only did they love their pizza, they let us take a picture!

900 Pizzeria Food Truck


Need your BBQ fix? Vitek’s is there for you! Get a pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwich or perhaps a brisket for that Texas vibe.

Vitek’s BBQ Food Truck


Need a biscuit? Maybe with fresh preserves? Milo’s food truck is just the place! I heard the guy who runs it uses a family recipe, so you know it’s going to be good–and it was! You can also get sandwiches here, so it’s not just for breakfast!

Milo Food Truck
Biscuit with peach preserves!

Cheddar Box

I’m a sucker for a gourmet grilled cheese, my friends. Grilled cheese, mac and cheese, if it’s cheesy, they’ve got it for you! Stop in for ooey-gooey goodness!

Cheddar Box food truck and the line! Instagram Photo Credit: @cheddarboxwaco
Gourmet Grilled Cheese!

Luna Juice Bar

If you’re at the Silos in summertime, you will definitely want to get friendly with this food truck! They’ll keep you refreshed all day long with juice, infused waters, and even watermelons! The two sweet girls below let me take a picture of the water melons for the blog!

Citrus-infused water and the Luna Juice Truck

Steel City Pops

Again, Texas is HOT in the summertime! So stay cool with a popsicle from Steel City Pops. This isn’t the watery, rock-hard ice thing from your childhood. My coffee pop was creamy and very much for a grown-up!

Steel City Pops stand!
Coffee Pop–incredible!

Alabama Sweet Tea

Sorry, this one was only at the Silos for a week! Because the Silos allows food trucks inside the property, as opposed to a fixed restaurant or two, they can change it up on occasion! Some of the food trucks are mainstays, but some, like Alabama Sweet Tea, come for a limited time and offer a bit of a switcheroo for locals and frequent visitors!

Alabama Sweet Tea Food Truck
Sweet Tea!
Just a small portion of the line!

The food trucks are located against the back fence at the Silos all the time–they never go anywhere else! They are subject to change, so bear that in mind if you’re planning your own trip to the Silos. They all have a little bit different hours of operation, but they will all be open for lunch. Several of them closed around 3:00, which was a little unfortunate since we didn’t get back to them until 3:30 our last day! Do plan on lunch there, but don’t plan on getting supper to go on your way out!

For more, check out the Magnolia Market website! And don’t forget my World Foods and USA Pages, too!

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