What to Eat on Block Island

Updated June 27, 2020.

It’s everyone’s favorite… What I Ate Wednesday! If you’ve been following along on the blog and @quickwhittravel on Instagram or Facebook, you know I just got back from adorable Block Island, Rhode Island. And you know I had to eat!


I don’t usually choose a hotel that includes breakfast because I like to try different restaurants wherever I go, and I love going out to breakfast. But hotels were slim pickin’s  when I booked with only a week’s advance notice, and reviews of my accommodations (The 1661 Inn) just raved about their breakfast buffet. Since it was included in my rate, and it’s supposed to be so great, I figured I’d give it a try. Wow! I’m so glad I did!

Fresh fruit, potatoes, eggs, salmon, and a lemon poppyseed muffin!
Edible flowers
Made-to-order omelette!


Because I’m a morning person who struggles through the afternoon, I need lots of coffee! There are absolutely no chain restaurants on Block Island, which I love. The coffee shops and stores here are all different and all awesome!

Vanilla latte
IMG_7834 2
Iced coffee with breakfast


I had read that Rhode Island has their own version of clam chowder, but on Block Island they seem to like the traditional kind. And you know what? It was cold and overcast the first couple of days, and I liked the good ol’ creamy New England clam chowder, too!

From the Harbor Inn
From the Surf Side Inn

Lobster Rolls

Y’all, I had the biggest lobster claws on these lobster rolls on Block Island. How’s that for a New England welcome? And can you believe one came from a food truck? Definitely check out the Southeast Light Delights at the Southeast Light House!

Huge Lobster Claws!
Lobster roll after a long and hilly bike ride
Southeast Light Delights!


Crab cake, anyone? This one was a little heavy on the cake and light on the crab, but it came with excellent service and a beautiful view, so I wasn’t too disappointed at the Surf Hotel.

Huge Crab Cake

My accommodation provided not only breakfast, but also afternoon nibbles… which could easily be enough for your supper, too!

Evening Nibbles at the 1661 Inn

But I need a little more protein for my suppers… so it’s shrimp for me! This shrimp and veggie wrap was just the refueling I needed after literally biking the whole island in a day. Find out how I did it in tomorrow’s blog post!

Shrimp and veggie wrap with sweet potato fries from the Mohegan Cafe

Treats and Sweets

If ever I earned a sweet, it was biking the whole of Block Island! The hills really weren’t all that bad, but I’m not an avid cyclist either! I definitely earned some island ice cream and sweets on my trip

Homemade “Double Stuff Oreo” and hot chocolate (it was cold that first evening!)
Lemon Bar from Persephone’s Kitchen
Chocolate covered s’more!
Cookie dough ice cream from the Ice Cream Place to make me think of my Love (it’s his favorite flavor)
AKA: Heaven on Earth
Madagascar vanilla gelato from Mia’s!

Did you enjoy our culinary adventure through Block Island? I can recommend it if you’re into seafood, but even if you’re not they’ve got a little something for you, too!

Interested in more about Block Island? Check out my United States Page for everything and more! And take a look at my World Foods Page for foodie inspiration, too!

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  1. !!! This seafood looks delicious. Lobster there is probably a lot cheaper than in Nashville, too! We have a lobster food truck that’s good, but pricey.

    1. Unfortunately, l

    2. Unfortunately, lobster is expensive everywhere!

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  3. i’m hungry now. Thanks.

    1. Haha! Welcome. Mission: accomplished.

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