What to Eat in Verona

Updated June 25, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! On our latest gustatorial adventure, Steve and I went on a romantic trip to Verona, Italy, for Valentine’s weekend. It’s been made famous by Shakespeare, of course, but it also has some unique foods to offer. I think basically everyone in the world can appreciate Italian cuisine, so I hope these pictures will do it justice!


The Italians are not extravagant breakfast eaters. In much of Europe, you’ll find cheeses, cold cuts, bread, jams, jellies, honey, etc., etc., etc., but not in Italy! Coffee and perhaps a pastry should last one until lunch! But our suite provided us with plenty to help us fill up after our morning runs, and of course, there is always pizza:

Applesauce, cheese, toast with pate, yogurt, and pizza from last night’s supper!
We decided to go out to breakfast one day; this is my breakfast prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich!


If breakfast is small, then luncheon is large! We don’t always stop for lunch because we like to have a large breakfast to last us most of the day. But Verona is so small and walkable, we didn’t mind stopping to dine midday.

Seafood salad with shrimp and tuna
Spinach and ricotta pizza with prosciutto
Veggie calzone–filled on the inside and topped with even more on the outside!
Ham and cheese calzone–again, filled inside and out!


We may have eaten a big lunch most days, but we also walked an average of 26,000 steps per day! So we ate quite a large dinner most nights as well. Do you happen to notice a theme here? We really like pizza!

Ham and mushroom pizza from the best restaurant in Verona: Little Italy!
The “Romeo” pizza!
Prosciutto and mushroom pizza from a little place on one of the town squares
Mushroom risotto with Parmesean cheese

Sweets and Snacks

You know I can’t resist a sweet, and Valentine’s Day tends to come with a lot of sweet opportunities!

This shiny little cake is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten! There was a bit of cake, jelly, cream, and a sweet and shiny red coating.
Gelato! Milk gelato and white chocolate gelato with milk chocolate drizzled in; Salted caramel gelato in Steve’s cup.
Hazelnut gelato in a cone!

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