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What I Ate in Iceland


It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week it’s all about the amazing food in the Land of Fire and Ice–Iceland! From hot soup to hot dogs, Iceland has quite the variety of foods to fuel you through hikes and windy, chilly days!


It’s the most important meal of the day! We knew we’d be doing plenty of walking and hiking each day, so we took advantage of our hotel’s buffet. My sweet husband and I both love seafood, so we enjoyed the salmon and other preserved fish at breakfast time!

Omelette with smoked salmon and veggies

Fresh fruit and Nordic fish!

Waffle with smoked salmon and Nutella

Breakfast to go! A ham sandwich because we had to check out before breakfast started the last morning.


Despite a big breakfast, we were ready for lunch each day after some serious hikes! I was told I had to try the Skyr, which is Icelandic yogurt. It was yogurt, nothing too unique. We were also told we needed to try the hot dogs! They were pretty good and traditionally come with onions, fried onions, mustard, and hollandaise sauce. Here’s a sampling of what Iceland’s lunch scene has to offer!

Sushi and Skyr smoothie from the Blue Lagoon!

Lamb and vegetable stew–beautifully warm and hearty to get me through the afternoon!

Hot dogs! Possibly made with horse.

Plokkari: Mashed potatoes with fish mixed in. It was amazing!


Lucky for us, we found an amazing buffet on our way back to our hotel after an exhausting and cold 5-mile hike to the DC-3 plane crash site! And we definitely needed some nourishment before we left the Blue Lagoon the first day–before our two-hour drive to the hotel. Take a look:

Mozzarella, tomato, and pesto sandwich

Variety of fish and veggies with seafood stew

Variety of meats, veggies, and seafood stew


Meals are a good excuse to sit down and rest while you take in the events of the day, but grabbing snacks, coffee, or samples to go is also a fun experience around the world! Our friends Keith and Victoria, who live in Reykjavik, took us to a local market so we could sample lots of authentically Icelandic food! We also combatted our jet lag with some pretty beautiful coffee each day, too!

Latte with heart

Dark chocolate treats from Hotel Ranga!

Dessert sampler. Cake and yogurt

Shark! I was advised not to eat any because it’s gross, but it deserves a mention!

Smoked fish and cracker sampler

Kelp (like seaweed)!

Fish ball square

Icelandic Christmas cake–yum!

Icelandic doughnut!
I look forward to visiting Iceland again to try even more Icelandic treats! Are you ready for your own Icelandic culinary adventure?

Want more international food adventures? Check out my World Foods page!

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