The World’s Best Desserts

Updated June 24, 2020.

It’s the best part: dessert! It’s my favorite food group, closely related to coffee in my book. So this What I Ate Wednesday is for all the dessert lovers and every sweet tooth we have. Today’s post is all about the best desserts in all the world!

Heart Cake—Italy

I didn’t expect much of this little cake. It was shiny and pretty, but I honestly didn’t expect it to taste very good. Our accommodation had gotten it for us for Valentine’s Day, so I thought surely it was just an inexpensive pastry that was more about the kind thought behind it than taste. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong! The chocolate cake inside was moist and delicious, the cream was fluffy and sweet, and the glaze was incredible! I wish I’d gotten another while we were there, since they were in every pastry shop we passed!

Heart-shaped, mirror glazed cake
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Praline Basket—Savannah

Almonds and pecans make up this praline basket filled with vanilla bean ice cream and mango puree, along with seasonal fruit. I had this at the Olde Pink House on a trip to Savannah last summer, and it was perfect! This quintessentially Southern dessert was the most refreshing way to end a fabulous meal at this iconic restaurant!

Praline Basket
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The Black Pearl Dessert—Maui

I’m an absolute sucker for pearls, and what girl doesn’t love a chocolate mousse bombe? This dessert capped off a very special meal at Mama’s Fish House on our fourth anniversary trip. Mama’s is a special occasion restaurant, and everything about it is unique! This dessert was impressive from every angle!

The Black Pearl!
Can’t forget the view from the back!
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Cafe Liégeois—Morocco

I had wanted to visit Morocco for a while, and there was one thing I just had to do while I was there: eat at Rick’s Cafe! And as delicious as the food was, the dessert was the real star. This coffee milkshake-parfait was just exactly what I wanted and what my belly needed to be happy. It was coffee ice cream, espresso syrup, whipped cream, and coffee syrup topping!

Coffee for dessert? I’m there for it!
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Sweet Pierogis—Poland

I thought pierogis were always savory, and then I went to Poland. When I saw dessert pierogis on the menu, I got pretty excited! Poppyseed is a very popular filling for pastries and other desserts in Eastern Europe. It tastes great wrapped in dough and smothered in sweet vanilla sauce!

Poppyseed-filled pierogis with sweet vanilla sauce!
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Smith Island Cake—Maryland

What in the world is a Smith Island Cake, you ask? Aside from being Maryland’s official state dessert, it’s also a multi-layered cake. What makes it different from other layer cakes? These layers are ultra-thin, ensuring frosting and moist cake in every single bite! It’s traditionally served with a loose chocolate frosting, but bakers have been known to get creative! I had a pumpkin spice Smith Island cake in Annapolis! I’ve never been to Smith Island, MD, but it might just be worth traveling there to get a taste of the original!

Delicious traditional Smith Island Cake from McCormick’s and Schmick’s Restaurant
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Sticky Toffee Pudding—Scotland

Creamy, saucy “pudding” as we know it in the United States is not the same as cakey “pudding” in the UK! Sticky toffee pudding is a dark, dense, moist cake smothered in toffee sauce and then covered in warm vanilla cream! It’s an absolute favorite, and I would eat it every night if I could. And maybe every morning for breakfast. The best I’ve ever had is from Greyfriar’s Bobby Pub in Edinburgh!

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Warm Vanilla Sauce
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Mille Feuille—France

I have only been to France once on a short weekend trip from Switzerland, but my sweet husband Steve lived there for two years! He’s not much of a foodie and claims he has “no food memories” to speak of, but his favorite dessert in all the world is a mille feuille, or “one-thousand layers.” It’s also commonly called a Napoleon! You can get some pretty good ones at bakeries in the States, but on my next trip to France, you better believe Steve and I will both be getting mille feuille!

We can get excellent Naopleons at the bakery near our house!

Victoria Sandwich—England

It seems so plain, and yet it taste so unbelievable perfect! A Victoria Sandwich is a two-layer vanilla sponge cake covered with powdered sugar. “Sandwiched” between the cake layers is a thick layer of vanilla frosting and a thick layer of strawberry jam. Now that’s my kind of sandwich! It was one of Queen Victoria’s favorites at afternoon tea time, and it remains a favorite at tea time in England today.

The biggest Vistoria Sandwich Cake I ever saw–or ate!
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Hula Pie—Hawaii

If you find yourself in the vicinity of one of the Duke’s Restaurants in the Hawaiian Islands or California, you have to get the Hula Pie. It’s the only dessert on the menu and the only dessert you’ll ever need (unless you’re allergic to macadamia nuts! It’s made of a chocolate cookie crust, macadamia nut ice cream, a layer of fudge, whipped cream, drizzled with hot fudge, and topped with more macadamia nuts. A couple of variations have been created at many locations, but this one is the original.

It’s huge, so bring someone to share! The last time we were in the islands, we split one for our mid-day meal!

Duke’s classic Hula Pie!
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Ice Cream and Gelato–All Over the World

I’ve always been a sucker for ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and the like! Fresh and non freezer-burned are my only requirements. I love finding little shops that make their own and let you try as many flavors as it takes to find the flavor (or flavors!) you want. I’m always up for trying the local favorite or the most unique flavors, but my favorites usually involve peanut butter, fudge swirls, marshmallows, or salted caramel, but I’ll take it all!

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