What to Eat in Waco

Updated June 27, 2020.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday, friends! You’ve read about the Silos Baking Co. and the Food Trucks at the Silos, but what about food in the rest of Waco? Find out here!


The most important meal of the day comes with… coffee! We had to stop at Common Grounds one day for coffee and a quick breakfast–the breakfast bar was actually really hardy! The next morning’s meal was even hardier with its eggs and huge croissants; it was definitely Texas-sized!

Breakfast Bar and Rodeo Clown Coffee from Common Grounds
Texas-sized breakfast from Olive Branch: Potatoes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and croissant!
Bacon, eggs, and cheese croissant
Coffee bar! We loved the Bakery and 254 Blends!


Since our breakfasts were so filling, our lunches were pretty light. Thank goodness there were three of us so I can show you a variety of options! The Asian Fusion option is called the “Trashcan Rice Bowl,” though it was anything but trashy! Mom liked her crepes, and Debbie enjoyed her grilled cheese–yum!

Asian Fusion from Club Sandwich: rice, bulgogi, chicken, and veggies!
Savory crepes from Co-Town Crepes
Gourmet Grilled Cheese from the Cheddar Box


No matter how full you get, there’s always room for cupcakes, right? And maybe an incredible scratch-made biscuit? And an iced coffee? Oh, yes, my friends! My favorite meal might be the afternoon snack.

Cupcake! By far the best lavender cupcake ever, and fabulous lemon icing as well!
Cowboy Coffee to power through the rest of the day!
Scratch-made biscuit with peach preserves from Milo.


Our first night in Waco, we ate at a place called Diamondback Bistro, which was a lot pricier than we expected before we sat down! Their food was amazing, though–the best popovers ever, great sushi, and amazing crab cakes! At Brazos Bar and Bistro we enjoyed salads, seafood, and a delicious bison burger. Coming from DC, the Texas-sized portions were a shock to the system!

Popovers with Rosemary Honey Butter
Crab cake sliders
seafood salad
Buffalo burger with fries and salad
Coconut shrimp and salad


Yeah, we made sure to have cupcakes on hand for dessert. Who knew they would be so delicious? The best one I had was the peach cobbler, which is one of their limited-time, summer flavors. May I have the recipe, please?

Cupcakes from the Silos Baking Co.!

Hungry for more from Waco? Plan you trip today! And for more foodie adventures, check out my Workd Foods Page!

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2 responses to “What to Eat in Waco”

  1. Everything looks so yummy! I made a recent trip to Waco with my mom and aunt. We loved The Olive Branch so much that we ate there twice! I also bought some of their 254 coffee to take home. We also ate at Buzzard Billy’s. You must try it when you visit again!

    1. Will definitely put that on the list! If I hadn’t been pressed for space, I should have brought home some of that coffee!

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