What to Eat in the Baltics

Updated June 26, 2020.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Today we’re remembering the delightful Baltic cuisine from our recent trip to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. What do they eat there? Find out below! Let’s start with breakfast:

Breakfast was included in each of our hotels, but the buffets in the first two hotels included such a variety of European and American foods, we weren’t sure exactly what was Baltic. But at the Hotel Schlössle in Tallinn, Estonia, the “Estonian Breakfast” was an actual menu item! It included sunny side-up eggs, bacon, cottage cheese with sour cream and caraway seeds, cucumber, and fried black pudding with lingonberry jam. It was pretty good!

Estonian Breakfast

Time for a snack? Much to my delight, the Baltic people have lots of coffee options… and chocolates!

I got my first pumpkin spice latte of the year before anyone else! Woohoo!

So what about lunch and supper?

Yet another reason to love the Baltics: so much seafood! Salmon, white fish, prawns, etc. I jumped at the chance to eat a whole fish, and as you can see above, the head didn’t stop me! I I also got to try borscht for the first time.

I had to be pretty careful about the ingredients list on menus, however. I have this weird allergy to carrot juice, and there are oddly a lot of things that include carrot juice and carrot puree! I can have carrots, just not the juice! So imagine my horror when I ordered the goat cheese and spinach pie on my birthday (of all days!), and right under the pie was an orange puddle! I wasn’t sure it was carrot, but Steve said he thought it tasted like carrot. I didn’t want to send it back, so thankfully there were also some leafy greens under the pie that kept the orange puddle from getting all over the bottom of the pie crust–whew!

And now for my favorite meal of the day: What do the Baltic people have for dessert?

See those little orange berries in the top right picture? Those are gooseberries! Isn’t that fun? I didn’t have a bad dessert the whole time we were there. But the best one was probably the chocolate lave cake with ice cream that I got on my birthday!

Anything here look delicious? Gross? Scary? Comment below with your food story!

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3 responses to “What to Eat in the Baltics”

  1. This was the worst thing to read before lunch time.. it all looks so amazing! (apart from maybe the whole fish haha!)

    1. Ha! To be honest, the whole fish thing was way more labor-intensive and dangerous than it was worth doing more than once!

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