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What I Ate on Kauai


Do you love island life? Island food? Islands in general? Me, too! This What I Ate Wednesday, we’re reliving our delightful feast from Hawaii’s Garden Island, Kauai!


Kauai is home to, in my humble opinion, the world’s BEST coffee! The Kauai Coffee Company is open for tours, and there is a small museum, too. They also let you taste all their delightful varieties on your visit. I had a white chocolate frappe, just the pick-me-up I needed on an islander afternoon! Steve tried all the coffees.

Kauai Coffee Milkshake, overlooking the coffee orchard


With all the chickens running around, it’s no surprise eggs are a big part of a Kauai breakfast! Loco Moco is usually rice, topped with pork, topped gravy, and topped with eggs. The Island breakfast sandwich was an eggy, cheesy, ham and pineapple-stacked delight! And the yucca fries are made from the yucca, which is similar to a potato.

Loco Moco, Yucca Fries, Island Breakfast Sandwich
Fried eggs, Portuguese sausage, and French toast,
Strawberry Pancakes!


Island lunches usually have a view, and Kauai’s are the best! Not to mention the fresh veggies that make this pizza so incredible. And the spinach and leek pie below was made with fresh, ingredients in a small store across the street from our hotel. It was amazing!


Pizza time!
Pie with a view!


My sweet husband knows how much I love sushi, so when we visit any island, he makes sure I get to have it every evening–and sometimes twice a day! It’s just better on Kauai.

Kampyo roll

Dessert at Duke’s

We rounded out our first anniversary trip on O’ahu with a Hula Pie from Duke’s at Waikiki. When we learned there was another Duke’s on Kauai and it was attached to our resort, we knew we had to round out our second anniversary the same way! It’s chocolate cookie crust, macadamia nut ice cream, hot fudge, more macadamias, and topped whipped cream! Check out the before and after pictures:


We did it! And we recommend it! Are you ready for an island food adventure?


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