Your Quick Guide to Visiting Kauai Coffee Company

Ever wonder where coffee comes from? Spoiler alert: It literally grows on trees! Hawaii has a ton of coffee farms across multiple islands, and the Island of Hawaii is probably the island that comes to mind when you think of Hawaiian coffee–hello, Kona! But did you know Kauai is actually home to the largest coffee farm in the United States? It’s true! Here’s everything you need to know about visiting.

Where to Find Them

Kauai Coffee Company can be found on the south side of the island. It’s worthy of being a destination, or a lovely stop if you happen to be driving around the island!

The perfect way to fuel one of Kauai’s many hikes!
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Visit Their Museum

They have a small, FREE, one-room museum attached to their gift shop and visitor center. There, where you’ll find coffee griders of yesteryear, mint-in-packaging vintage Kauai coffee, and more. There are some very interesting coffee pots on display, which might make you very thankful for your modern coffee pot at home!

How would you like to grind your coffee with this every morning?
A bit more elegant, but still a lot of work!
Mementos from the Past
Coffee Artifacts from Years Past
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Grab a Sample

It’s true! You will have the opportunity to sample several of their coffee varieties–as many times as you want! They also have a small coffee shop on-site where you can order frappes, iced coffees, espresso drinks, and pastries. All coffee products are, of course, made with Kauai Coffee from the plantation! Steve got the Blended Caramel, and I got the Blended White Chocolate Decadence–white chocolate and caramel combined! Oh, and an amazing brownie because, why not?

We went all in!
A few of the things they have available at the coffee shop!
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Take a Tour

Kauai Coffee Company offers two tours: the Coffee on the Brain Tour at 10:00am Sunday-Friday for $25 per person, and a FREE self-guided walking tour. The Coffee on the Brain Tour is more in-depth, taking you “from seed to tree to cup,” and it sells out quickly, so book here in advance!

Or, if you have poor timing like we did (whoops!), you can follow the FREE path through the property and learn a few things at each stop. For instance, do you know how coffee is harvested from trees? (Hint: It’s similar to blueberry harvesting!) Do you know how coffee cherries are separated? Did you know coffee beans come from cherries? I’ll bet you’ll learn at least as much as we did about the process!

Signs like this show you the way!
Ever wonder how the coffee comes off the tree?
Follow the coffee trail!
Parts of the coffee-making process might surprise you!
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Take Some Home With You

This is the best part! Of course, you’ll find tee shirts, hats, mugs, locally made products, and more in the gift shop, but more importantly, you’ll find coffee! You can purchase 100% Kauai coffee here in whole bean, ground, or k-cup packages. Want a whole bean variety but don’t have a grinder? They’ll grind and re-seal it for you!

Purist varieties include Peaberry, Typica, Blue Mountain,Mundo Novo, and a variety of estate blends. Flavored varieties (my preference!) include Chocolate Macadamia, Vanilla Macadamia, Coconut Caramel Crunch, Toasty Banana Nut Creme, and more flavors that you can only find there! Find all their coffees and order from home on their website.

Pro tip: If you purchase $100 worth of coffee, they will ship it anywhere within the United States for FREE! They ship with USPS in flat-rate boxes, and shipping takes about five to seven business days.

Don’t forget to stop back by the gift shop on your way out so you can bring home coffee to enjoy from home!
You’ll learn a lot of things you didn’t know you needed to know!
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