The Best Food Eat on Mau’i

Updated July 1, 2021.

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! And this week’s food post all about the tropical flavors from the island of Maui, Hawaii. We did a little of everything from grocery shopping to roadside stands to fine dining. There are options for everyone!

At the Grocery

One of the first things we did after settling into our hotel the first afternoon was to take a little walk to the grocery before our early morning start on the Road to Hana the next day. There are plenty of roadside stands, but we just weren’t sure since we’d never done it before. And would they be open early enough for us to get breakfast? And we would probably be awake by 3:00am the first couple of mornings due to jet lag coming from the U.S. East Coast… and we were going to want to eat something! So we picked up some essentials.

Enough to last us about a day and a half!

That’s a huge sub sandwich, granola and two flavors of yogurt, Poke (Hawaiian sushi), two fruit packages, variety of sushi, brie cheese, more sushi (I like sushi, alright?), bag of spinach, and 6 bottles of water.

The sushi made up our supper that first night; fruit, granola, and yogurt became breakfast the next morning; half the sandwich became lunch along the Road to Hana, and the other half became breakfast the following morning; and we used the spinach to fill out our supper the first night on the Road to Hana. And while we did bring two refillable bottles of water each, we thought we’d prefer to have more water than not enough!


It’s the most important meal of the day! Because Steve and I like to workout in the mornings before we eat, we are usually very hungry by the time we shower and get to a breakfast spot! But on Maui, it was always worth the wait! I think my favorite was Leoda’s Pie Shop on the way to Lahaina, but everything we ate for breakfast was delicious and stuck with us a long time!

Fritatta and Monkey Bread from Leoda’s Pie Shop
Frittata and Biscuit from Leoda’s Pie Shop
Breakfast Burrito from Cinnamon Roll Place
Bacon, egg, and cheese on cheese bagel from Cinnamon Roll Place
Eggs Benedict on a waffle with hash browns at Grandma’s Coffee House
French Toast at Grandma’s Coffee House


As I said, breakfast usually lasted us a while, but there were a couple of days where lunch was an absolute must. We even got to meet up with friends for brunch at a really nice restaurant in high-end Wailea!

Opakapaka Fish Sandwich from Paia Fish Market
Mahi Mahi Salad at Paia Fish Market
Veggie and Avocado wrap at Longhi’s Wailea
Lobster Eggs Benedict at Longhi’s Wailea


Sometimes supper is take-out at our accommodation with a view of the ocean, sometimes it’s sushi from the grocery store down the road, and sometimes it’s a whole experience in itself at the nicest restaurant on Maui! Anything goes for any speed, any preference, and any budget. Also, does that spinach and cheese look familiar below? Lucky for us, our vacation rental property on the Road to Hana is also home to a cafe that serves hot food as well, so we made that our supper both nights we were there!

Vegan chili from Hana Harvest Cafe and grocery store spinach with beef jerky and brie
Veggie pizza and Hawaiian pork and pineapple pizza from Hana Harvest Cafe
Sashimi from Miso Phat Sushi
Grocery store SUSHI!
MORE grocery store SUSHI!
Fish Tacos from Coconut’s Fish Cafe
Opakapaka over brown rice from Coconut’s Fish Cafe
Ravioli from Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria
Hawaiian Pizza from Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria
Traditional Hawaiian Sampler at Mama’s Fish House
Interested in more from Mama’s Fish House?
Check out What I Ate: Mama’s Fish House!

Sweet Treats

If you’ve been following me on my travels, you already know I have a sweet tooth! Whether it’s fruit, cake, ice cream, pie, etc., I just want it to taste delightful. Here are the treats we needed after all our hiking, long strolls on the beach, frolicking in the ocean, and more highly physical activities! We earned it, right?

The banana bread is a big deal on Maui, and especially the Road to Hana, so we had to try that. And even though neither of us was motion sick, I wanted to try out the Hana Tonic to see what it was like–very gingery!

The Chocolate Haupia pie was a layer of rich dark chocolate, then an equal layer of coconut haupia, which is like coconut pudding and coconut jello put together. The Lilikoi pie is like a key lime pie, but made with lilikoi, or passion fruit, instead of lime!

Macadamia Nut Cookie Bar, Hana Tonic, the Original Maui Banana Bread from Half Way to Hana
Cinnamon Roll from The Cinnamon Roll Place
Chocolate Haupia Pie and Lilikoi Pie from Maui Pie
Napoleon from Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria
Lilikoi Roulade from Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria
Kona Mudslide (coffee ice cream with brownie and macadamia nuts, I think) Ice Cream and Strawberry-guava Smoothie from Maui Tropical Plantation
Pineapple and Strawberry Guava Fruit Cup from Maui Tropical Plantation

Are you ready for your own culinary adventure through Maui? You have to try the pies and the banana bread! Want more? Check out my Hawaiian Islands Page for all things Hawaiian, and my World Foods Page for all the best eats!

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