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Think you’re not brave enough to travel solo? You might just surprise yourself! All my best tips, hacks, and words of encouragement are here for you!

Solo Travel Experiences

  • The Best Places to Spend Valentine’s Day Solo - Valentine's Day is all about love and lovers... and it kind of stinks for the singles! I used to call it "Singles' Awareness Day" (acronym "SAD," of course!), but my attitude toward Valentine's Day changed over the years...
  • 6 Solo Travel Experiences to Have - If you need some ideas for how to stay occupied on your next solo trip, this list of incredible solo travel experiences will give you plenty of options!
  • How to Enjoy Dining Solo - There are actually a lot of benefits to dining solo, and if you're still not convinced, I've got some suggestions to help you enjoy a solo meal instead of dread it!

Solo Travel Safety

  • How to Travel Safely - No one is immune to bad things that can happen anywhere in the world (even in your hometown!), but you can take charge and give yourself an edge to travel safely. Here's how!
  • Pickpocket Tricks of the Trade - Here's a quick list of common pickpocket scams, as well as tips for how to avoid them if they happen to you!
  • How to Outsmart Pickpockets - I'm here to give you some tips on how exactly to outsmart that pickpockets of the world. This week we're looking at ways to prevent becoming a pickpocket target!

Solo Travel Tips

  • The Top 7 Ways to Travel Solo with Confidence - Think you don't have the confidence to travel solo? I can help with that!
  • The 10 Best Habits of Successful Solo Female Travelers - Old habits die hard. New habits make life easier!
  • The Most Essential Blog Posts for Solo Travelers - Here are the most essential blog posts for solo travelers to read.
  • The Epic Side Effects of Solo Travel - Here are my favorite side effects of taking that leap into solo travel.
  • The Top 7 Skills All Solo Female Travelers Need - Here are the top 7 skills solo female travelers need!
  • The Ultimate List of Useful Solo Travel Gear - Solo travelers are a rare bunch. We're fun, determined, ready to roll with the punches, and when it's all said and done: we're confident!
  • What to Do When Your Travel Buddy Drops Out - Today's post is all about what to do when you "accidentally" end up traveling solo, but first things first: I'm going to be on a podcast today!
  • Must Have Solo Travel Skills - Any hobby or profession requires some skill, and travel is no different! There are certain skills you just need to have to travel safely and well, and you’ll definitely need all of these if you’re traveling solo.
  • 7 Things to Expect on Your First Solo Trip - I've written about solo travel plenty of times, but often I think it helps to know what to expect when you travel. So I came up with this quick list for just what to expect when you strike out on your first solo trip!
  • How to Make Solo Travel Easier - Solo travel is one of the most rewarding ways to travel. But I'll be completely honest with you: it can be kind of hard! But with a few tricks and hacks, you, too can travel solo like a pro!
  • Surprising Confessions of a Solo Female Traveler - Whether you're a single lady, a mom who wants a getaway, or a grandmother who's always wanted to travel but never thought you could, you are never too young, too busy, or too old to take that first solo trip!
  • Why It’s Okay to Be a Tourist - I'm about to make some "travelers" very mad. As a travel blogger, I try to read other travel blogs to keep up-to-date and perhaps find some travel tips or inspiration. But lately I've read more and more articles that attempt to "tourist shame."
  • 5 Reasons to Travel Solo - There was always someone there willing to help me when I got lost, and I actually figured out a lot of things on my own, giving me confidence I didn't know I had within me! Here are five ways solo travel can be the absolute best.
  • Solo Travel: Come Backs for Rude Comments - Solo travelers have a problem that other travelers don't have to worry about: the "naysayers." These are the people who automatically think you "can't" travel solo. "It's lonely," they say. "It's too dangerous," they say. "It's irresponsible," they say. Well, I know they're wrong!
  • Solo Travel Mishaps - Sometimes we learn from mistakes better than we learn from what we've done right. So this week, here are some solo travel mistakes and mishaps that I made so you don't have to!
  • Solo Travel: Like a Pro - Solo travel is awesome and exciting, and no one should be afraid to take that first trip! Here's everything you need to know.
  • Is Solo Travel Selfish? - Are travelers, especially solo travelers, just selfish? I believe solo travelers are wise, confident, organized, responsible, and believe it or not, they tend to be less selfish and more thoughtful than your regular person.
  • The Ultimate Ladies’ Guide to Traveling Solo - Here's a freshly updated guide, complete with links for more information and better photos so you can clearly see how much fun solo travel can really be!

Solo Travel Destinations

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